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The most beautiful woman to walk the earth. Smart, funny, kind, and amazing in bed. Women want to be her, men want to have her. She is the unicorn we all seek.
Where’s my Tracie at?
by Bones1441 November 26, 2019
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Basically hooking up wit someone but you ain't tryna let no one know who it is. IF YOU LET PEOPLE KNOW IT AINT NO SNEAKY LINK 🧍 🧍 ♀️.
" My sneaky link REARRANGED me last night y'all don't even know 😫"

"I mean my sneaky link got a girl but he don't even think he straight 🧍 "

"Are you dumb why'd you think I'd tell you their name? Dumbass it's called sneaky link for a reason."
by Doja's simp April 09, 2021
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Tracie's are beautiful in every way they are nice outgoing and filled with determination
And a whole lot of love
by Biggermate June 24, 2019
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Tracie is a boy that as a girl voice but is really funny . You will never find another Tracie to make you laugh . But also is very fucking lonely he may get one gf a year but let’s me honest where tf did that go ? No where but Tracie wouldn’t hit puberty In a long time
Everyone: this class is lame


Everyone : what dick

Everyone : ahahahhahaha
by Tracie friend alyanna October 20, 2019
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A woman with a bright smile, kind eyes and endless amounts of love. A great mother and creative thinker. A survivor!
Tracie eyes smile
by Stark72 February 04, 2010
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Tracie is a very funny guy with a weird sense of humor tracie is very fun to hang out with and awkward when it comes to girls he likes hes very opened hearted and falls in love easily

Tracie'S are the ones you wanna keep hes very shy when u first meet him but he breaks that shell latter hes the best to hang out with and will try to make u laugh all the time

Tracie is very handsome and very smart and his biggest fear is getting heated
Kid 1Bro this school sucks now that tracie moved

Kid 2 Yeah I wish he was here
by Kitty titty 77766677 November 13, 2019
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the girl you see across the bar and really really wanna fuck but she is wayyy outta your league aka only if she is REALLLYYY drunk you MIGHT get some (prolly not)
I wanted tracie so bad but some super hot guy beat me to it and i got stuck with some ugly hag who i dont remember... at all.
by kiely April 12, 2009
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