im a believer in being good so if you dont like it stop reading now. however, gangs are terrorist fronts. latin kings are among the worst. there once was an instance where a latin king girl tried something on me and i read into it so easily she had to be so dumb. latin kings are going down.
gangs like the latin kings, bloods and crips are all terrorist fronts. ms13 are do badders.
by drewwwww August 21, 2006
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The equivalent of a frat, except for non-college African Americans.
Why go to college and shell over a brand new Mercedes to feel accepted when you can go to a local ghetto near you and join a gang for free?
by Super-man March 10, 2010
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gangs are a group of people who get togather and hang out but just they use violence
a cuple well known gangs:Ms-13, vice Lords ,cobras, homeboyz,gd,and my favorite KINGS(LKN)
by Andrea (A.K.A)Drea January 25, 2006
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Gang : a phrase used to express a desire to befriend someone due to good attributes that would make them perfect in your β€˜gang’
β€œSamuel l Jackson, Dave grohl are pure gang”

β€œChewbacca is gang”
β€œbig Tracie. GANG!!!!”
by Tarzan3 July 03, 2018
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A group full of β€œwanna be” alpha males who act β€œbad” in front of their β€œopps”
Yo blud, did you see them BNJ gang members on the block, fucking fassi’s
by alsta110711 November 21, 2019
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A bunch of little dummies following one big dummie.
Gang .....Big Dummy ...Go rob and kill this person I'm afraid to go to jail....Little Dummy

..ok..gets life in prison
by Mrspop December 24, 2019
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