I learnt this the other day from a friend in New Zealand, and the word 'gangs' is literally their word for 'cool'.
that is so gangs
by cawa123 June 05, 2011
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by Judge Dredd August 18, 2004
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A protective social circle that creates a community in neighborhoods whose "normal" community-forming institutions have failed. Often found in inner cities and low-income areas, where schools are underfunded, parents cannot afford to pay for adequate childcare and must work long hours to make a living, and other youth organizations (sports teams, etc.) are lacking.

A scapegoat for a city's problems. Government's excuse to glorify police and avoid confronting the real "problem" in the inner city: underfunded schools and the criminalization of people of color.
The LAPD instituted a new "war on gangs" and increased police patrolling in the Hispanic areas of East Los Angeles.
by Not Just a Girl May 09, 2005
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slang for cool.

(positive meaning)
The origins of the word are supposidly from New Zealand
Used in a term like "thats gangs" or just simply "gangs"
by minty biscuits May 13, 2009
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A group of young citizens, usually poor minority males, who group together for protection, a way to make money, and sometimes to fight other gangs. Usually gangs consist of drug dealers, pimps, thugs, etc. Usually gangs wear similar colors or a bandanna, rolled up a pant leg etc. to recognize others in their gang. rich white/ black try to dress like gang members/rappers that where gang members by wearing loose clothing, big sweaters, nike shoes, bandannas on their heads or in their back pockets, and big chains with pendants.
crips, bloods, and itialian mobs are gangs
by local hustler November 08, 2007
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three or more black people cooperating at once for crime or charity, according to media.
a gang of youths today, is suspected in the theft of at least 12 pigs feet from a local grocer. they have yet been unidentified.

a woman was burning to death in her car, when a group of nearby gang members pulled her from the blaze.
by viciousk February 15, 2008
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