Ya'll don't know what a real gang is. While they're usually violent and intimidating and shit, the original gangs were made to protect the place they lived. Living in the "hood" was tuff so people who didn't have family, were to weak to live on their own and stuff like that joined together to protect themselves and their neighborhood. So you guys can talk about how you a gang banger and shit, but don't think that gangs are all about gang signs and violence. They really just a family people never had.
Person 1: Whatz up foo I just joined a gang, so don't you fuck wit me
Person 2: you obviously ain't in a real one
Person 1: Yea I am, I'm a blood
Person 2: Nah bro, a true gang ain't all about violence
by Gruvia October 12, 2019
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Meaning all is good. When speaking to a friend or near bystander one says gang at the end of the sentence in closing. This initiates the other party to also close with a “gang”. Synonymous with “alright or got u” or “alright we’re good” and “alright let’s get it”.

Not connected or separated from a pack of men or group of people.

Can be used twice in a row but never 3 times. Gang gang.
Hey Kyle, “I appreciate you helping me fix my tire. GANG.” Hey Ryan, “love what you’re doing with the ski doo. Gang.”
by Franklesfox December 10, 2018
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A group of guys (or in some cases, females), who like to work in a pack, trying to imitate the infamous Cosa Nostra. Like dogs, gang members will not work alone due to their fear of getting their Jordans stepped on and having an insufficient amount of strength to stand up for himself.

Gangs are primarily created to suppress one's insecurity of their life and to gain back-up when back-up is needed. Some view this as "pussy", because everyone knows real men fight mano y mano.

Gangs are usually populated by teenagers and young adults and their main goal is to lollygaggle and mosey on into places and proceed to terrorize civilians for no apparent reason except for jokes and laughs. Gangs are almost never disbanded once they are created, thus decreasing the life span of decent people who work for a living and try to change the world for the better.

The only way to decrease the number of gangs is to announce a rap concert with all famous rappers featured in it and nuke the area where the concert is located on the day it is held and if this does not wipe out the gangs, then the only choice would be to travel back in time and shoot Stanley "Tookie" Williams.
Civilian 1: What a lovely day. What say we head over to Main street and loiter outside the soda store?
Civilian 2: What a splendid idea, my good man!
*Moments later*
Civilian 1: What's that group heading torwards us?
Civilian 2: Oh, probably some do-gooders or something of the sort. Just ignore them.
Gang Member 1: Ayo, you punks got a lighter?
Civilian 1: Son, you're 15! What in Heaven's name would you need a lighter for?
Gang Member 2: Nigga shut the fuck up. You disrespectin' the gang homedawg. You best get yo ass outta mah hood and bring yo trick ass bitch along witchu ya heard?
Gang Member 3: Nigga, ah say we cut these fools up.
Gang Member 4: What a splendid idea, my good man!
*Civilian 1 and 2 dies a horrible death*
by SubtleRacist February 18, 2009
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Your Mandem/your boys. Your group that are rivals with other Gangs.
"That's my Gang"
by UK Meanings January 21, 2021
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Gang a thing where u a real nigga
Me:yo nigga I'm in a gang
Friend:nigga you tripin
by King von 0 block November 9, 2020
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a group of low lives who cant do shit with by them selves so they decide to make a gang and claim to be original even though they all do the same shit. Think they're cool cause they're part of a 'family' when they betray eachother all the time.
Bloods: rob, sell drugs, pimp, etc.
Crips: rob, sell drugs, pimp, etc.
Ms-13: rob, sel drugs, pimp, etc.
Mexican Mafia: rob, sell drugs, pimp, etc.

If you can do this you can be in a gang
by DRC92 August 7, 2009
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A bunch of little dummies following one big dummie.
Gang .....Big Dummy ...Go rob and kill this person I'm afraid to go to jail....Little Dummy

..ok..gets life in prison
by Mrspop December 24, 2019
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