1) It means a lot
2) It means something powerful
3) It's actually effective
A) Give me a suggestion!
B) Dye yourself white!
A) Why?
B) You'll avoid being in trouble with the police!
A) Oh, okay!

A) I'm back! Thanks! That was a great and meaningful suggestion!
B) No worries!
by LappySheep April 24, 2017
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Used to describe a conversation of great emotion (usually, but not exclusively describes a conversation of a sad nature).

Also commonly known as D&M.
I had a Deep & Meaningful with Kathy about her divorce.
by 'K' July 22, 2004
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When your friend asks why your single. You tell them you're looking for Meaningful Coochie. The type of coochie that won't flake, ghost you, or leave you with Tinder Balls. Similar to Tinder Tart, only this time you got first date off seeing her irl.
Friend 1: Hey man why the fuck do I keep getting fucked over? All this Coochie is nice but I can't settle.

Friend 2: I don't know man, find yourself

some Meaningful Coochie.
by coochiebegouch69 February 18, 2019
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Meaningful Pussy is a reference to your ex-girlfriend whose absence you are feeling with great pain. This differs from 'regular pussy' in that the 'meaningful pussy' relationship was important to you.
Dude 1: "Why is your brother all broken up about losing his girlfriend"?

Dude 2: "He was telling me last night, this wasn't just pussy to him; it was meaningful pussy".
by WWBeer August 3, 2017
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The concept or theory of meaningful learning is that learned information is completely understood and can now be used to make connections with other previously known knowledge, aiding in further understanding.1 Since information is stored in a network of connections, it can be accessed from multiple starting points depending on the context of recall. Meaningful learning is often contrasted with rote learning, a method in which information is memorized sometimes without elements of understanding or relation to other objects or situations. A real-world example of a concept the learner has learned is an instance of meaningful learning. Utilization of meaningful learning may trigger further learning, as the relation of a concept to a real-world situation may be encouraging to the learner. It may encourage the learner to understand the information presented and will assist with active learning techniques to aid their understanding. Although it takes longer than rote memorization, information is typically retained for a longer period of time.
Wow this is some MeaningFul Learning aka Education I love this school! (Nice act)
by Α January 14, 2022
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A common excuse given to skip an event, appointment or gathering.
I’m sorry I cannot attend the family reunion as I have too many meaningful deliverables.
by Wlumpkin July 23, 2023
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When your friend IM's you about something random and then never responds to your answer.
friend: hey you back in your dorm room?
you: yeah
no response to this leaves you wondering what the heck the person wanted and was the end of meaningful conversation.
by miamiahmad April 15, 2009
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