Fused means getting drunk, waved, tipsy, intoxicated, how you feel after a few beverages.
"Let's get FUSED tonight boys!"
"He got so FUSED at the party!"
by ChimpMonk July 29, 2017
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When you really like something. Meaning sick, Cool, Amazing, Dappa,Reem, Lush.
Mate those kicks are fused.
by Sc0tty_H December 3, 2013
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When one or multiple people(sometimes hostages) get blown up by a breached cluster bomb of explosions
That terrorists got fused from the second floor of the house
by Echo120397 March 24, 2017
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fuse an electrical device designed to blow breaking the circuit during an overload or short circuit protecting wiring and devices attached to the circuit fuses are usually one time use devices and must be replaced once they blow once the only form of circuit protection and electrical distribution in residential commercial and industrial building before being mostly replaced by circuit breakers but are still commonly used in automobiles and other electrical applications
man i blew 4 fuses this morning i was out of fuses and had to go to hardware store to buy a pack of fuses what an inconvenience replacing fuses can be
by littlejimmie March 20, 2019
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The best new network on Cable TV, better than the so called Mtv. Formerly MMUSA(Much Music USA)
Fuck MTV, watch Fuse
by FhillyMan August 19, 2003
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A channel that actually played music for quite a while. Unfortunately, just like MTV, it's becoming consumed by more and more reality TV...
MTV = 99% reality TV, 1% music
Fuse = ACTUALLY A MUSIC CHANNEL... wait... what's this "Cheerleader U" crap? D:
by Fireball1783 November 13, 2007
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1) was once much music, then mmusa, now fuse
2) a music channel that is actually about music. and only music.
3) a channel that shows ALL of the music videos unlike the so-called mtv
the first defination was taken from Nater which is completely true and who knows what he (i assumed) is talking about and likes awesome bands. Nater is u r reading this im me @ (see my name)
by ShoujoSmut August 1, 2003
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