kluhs-ter bom

Explosive diarrhea.

See "splashing the bowl"
After two plates of squid pasta and pork Belly at Mission Chinese, Sam cluster bombed until early the next morning.
by Dia-Ria July 15, 2014
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What you do when you've got to drop a deuce, but are faced with the unbearable grossness of a piss-covered toilet seat.
Ex: After some ravers managed to get puke, crap, and several unrecognizable bodily fluids all over that toilet seat, I was forced to cluster bomb that Baja Fresh. Fortunately, no one was injured.
by General Stinkiness February 15, 2009
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when you hold the tip of your foreskin filling it up with piss and when its full you yell out "cluster bomb," and let go of your foreskin and watch the explosion
by yo jj September 17, 2008
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A particularly rare kind of sex scene using simply a 30 foot ladder, a horny man, and a willing young lady. As you about to fuck her in the ass, ask her, "Do you need to shit?". If so say "Baby, cluster bomb me." Now what you do from then on is have her climb up the ladder as high as she can go and have her just relax. After this lay down under her ass, which will be hanging off the back of the ladder. Now, spray paint a bulls-eye around your genitals, (preffered the penis, or 'nutz') and watch her drop the gift off at amazing altitudes. This sexual act must NOT be taken lightly, this is a very special occasion not to be wasted.
Jerry and Gina got caught doing an amazing Cluster Bomb by her imaginary friend. It was soo embarrasing.
by Shartikus April 29, 2009
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A group of rather ugly women hanging around together. The idea behind the term is that there is not even one hot women in the group. n other words they are all grenades-no chance to "take one for the team", they are all to be avoided.
Man, look at that cluster bomb that just came in! Dropped the average in the whole place!
by locojoe August 7, 2009
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What happens after you are constipated for weeks without shitting.
OH MY FUCKIN GOD! i just painted the toilet with that cluster-bomb!clusterbomb
by funnymanrocco June 2, 2010
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When one or more people repeatedly drop f-bombs.
The movie is rated R because it's one big f cluster bomb.
by ookami80 March 8, 2009
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