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medium density fiberboard is an engineered wood product made from saw dust and resin similar to particle board but denser and stronger is used in construction furniture making consumer products and many more uses
i wanted solid wood molding and trim for my house but i ended up with medium density fiberboard because of costs once painted medium density fiberboard looks good awesome
by littlejimmie March 3, 2019
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an inshot burner is a type of gas burner that shoots flame horizontally as apposed to straight up like ribbon burners these burners must be used with an induced draft fan to function mainly used on furnaces and heaters
furnace guy what type of burners are these on my furnace they shoot flames horizontally

sir these are inshot burners instead of a flame straight up like ribbon burners these shoot flames horizontally a like a blow torch

customer i did not know that wow

furnace guy now you know
by littlejimmie January 26, 2019
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flip it a non vulgar non offensive alternative to fuck it when fuck it is not appropriate and foul language want do
my boss cussed me out for being late i said take this job and shove it flip it
by littlejimmie April 16, 2019
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fuse an electrical device designed to blow breaking the circuit during an overload or short circuit protecting wiring and devices attached to the circuit fuses are usually one time use devices and must be replaced once they blow once the only form of circuit protection and electrical distribution in residential commercial and industrial building before being mostly replaced by circuit breakers but are still commonly used in automobiles and other electrical applications
man i blew 4 fuses this morning i was out of fuses and had to go to hardware store to buy a pack of fuses what an inconvenience replacing fuses can be
by littlejimmie March 20, 2019
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as helpful as tits on a bull something or someone that is more of a hindrance than a help
as helpful as tits on a bull my new refrigerator is more of a hindrance than is a help to me
by littlejimmie November 4, 2019
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craptard is a person who is a piece of shit and a retard an offensive non vulgar way to call a person a piece of shit and a retard
dude you stole my money out of my car you craptard

man i did not steal your money out of your car you craptard

dude i got you haha
man accusing someone of stealing something is not funny you craptard
by littlejimmie March 14, 2019
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ugly cookies a variation of gorilla cookies one who is extremely ugly so ugly you could put their face in some dough and make cookies of their ugly face
damn youre so ugly you should put your face in some dough and make some ugly cookies
by littlejimmie May 4, 2019
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