the first evil; the root of everything that is bad.
The power of good will triump over the first.
by BowTieGirl June 15, 2003
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for a male, the woman whose cunt he first fucked

for a female, the man who broke her hymen or at least, the one who first penetrated her pussy with a cock . And that's whether he 'came' up there or not, it still counts as deflowering her.
I still recall my first lay; Barb was a remarkable if relatively-inexperienced partner.

I will always remember my first cock; Jake was very gentle, even when he got into me, said Barb.
by Jake January 30, 2004
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Something that attention-seeking children write as they desperately seek a feeling of self-worth for being the first to comment on a youtube video.
First like and comment
by AntiRix February 18, 2018
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The transition catch phrase of Big Brother Chenbot.
"Who will be evicted tonight? But first! Mike Boogie is creepy."

"But first!"
by Abe382393493 November 13, 2006
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Used by the very first commenter on a blog or forum to show they beat everyone else to comment first
1st Commenter: "FIRST!"

2nd Commenter: "Omg you are so lame no one cares if you are first congrats on your non-prize winning first comment."
by immatellyouwhat August 1, 2008
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Being a loser waiting in front of Best Buy for Black Friday sales not even knowing what the sales are just to be first for some bizarre twisted reason and not knowing the real reason for Thanksgiving.
I'm a loser for achieving firstness.
by Katamari671 November 24, 2010
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What the first 100 comments say in every YouTube video since like 2020
Markiplier uploads a video
9 yr old: First
10 yr old: FIRST!!
by Darth That Makes Words March 17, 2021
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