A din of iniquity, where people consume alcohol, booze, hooch, beer, vodka, and illicit substances.
The second floor's motto is: "There's no I in drunk!".
by Bagwell December 14, 2003
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place where hooligans, tramps and mongos gather to cause trouble, make noise, indulge in binge drinking, break ceiling tiles and get their RA's fired.
That club was an absolute gong show, it looked like the second floor.
by ctown February 3, 2003
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When your girlfriend is in there taking a shit and you sit on her lap and take a shit.
My boo was using the bathroom so I had to use the second floor.
by Paul IR Win November 24, 2008
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Second floor CAM is a place where one goes to dread in study, but is rather placed in the midst of the subversion of University life, where the menial task of not living is undermined by the youth struggling to break free from it's role as the university student, struggling to let it's chaos shout out to an empty sky and to embrace life authentically with all it's own subjectivity, it's passions, and it's dreams
STEM kid: Hey you wanna go to second floor CAM to study?
Engineer Ghoul: Nah it's a place for bewildering hooligans to run amok in the holy place of study, I'm trying to achieve a 4.0 so I can live my dreams tomorrow
STEM kid: Ah, you're right as always my superior, let's go somewhere else to spend our time studying.
by Spectacle Society April 10, 2019
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The sexual act where a male protagonist is engaging in sexual congressdoggystyle” and pulls out long enough for the female (or male) recipient to defecate on the phalis.
We were having a great time, with him giving it to me from behind, so I gave him a second floor porch.
by Bill Brewster February 14, 2019
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1) Meathead Jock
2) The superior male of a residence
3) A person whom loves to ingest large amounts of protein throughout the day.
4) A person who has better things to do than play magic cards
"Oh man that second floor boy is jacked."

friend - "Obviously, he is a meathead jock."
by Mr. Protein Party November 20, 2010
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Home sweet home. The second floor disabled bathroom is where many relaxing vapes have taken place, where many fun memories have been created, and where you can spend hours and somehow never get caught. Everyone needs a second floor disabled bathroom in their lives.
Person 1- where are you going? we have history?
Person 2- cba, im going to second floor disabled bathroom.
by whatyoulikeyou March 1, 2021
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