When you get roasted or say something dumb they are basically saying "how stupid do you feel" or "well you feel dumb dont you"
Me: The answers 10
You: No, it's 26
Teacher and class: It's 10
Me: Ohhhhh, how you feel
by Jasmine Webber April 12, 2016
When someone does something fucked up and intentional. Can also be taken as a joke sometimes.
Don: "Hey man, I kicked your shoes because it was in my way."
Ron: "Really bro, that's how you feel?"
Don: "It was an accident dude..."
by jiggysaw17 July 24, 2019
k will become your Tell a boy with a k in their name how you feel
Tell a boy with a k in their name how you feel
by Kskg November 12, 2019
rhetorical question,asked after one has failed terribly
guy 1: dude,let's go watch the new Twilight movie!
guy 2: (shaking head) how do you feel??
by i_found_nimo July 8, 2010
A way of asking "how do you feel?" in the manner of the great and powerful master Yoda himself.
by Xevious June 9, 2007
An ironic riposte to an emotional or invective-laden tirade, meaning, more or less, "You've achieved the maximum of outrage."
So you say the teacher is a festering, mold-encrusted, reeking squid.

Now tell us how you really feel!
by octopod May 27, 2006