1) To get completely fucked up off alcohol, weed, drugs, etc.
2) To receive oral sex.
Dawson: "If these girls get blown enough, we'll probably have a good chance of getting blown tonight."
Pacey: "Fo' shizzle my nizzle. Who you want?"
Dawson: "Joey."
Pacey: "Good, 'cuz I'll take anything."
by Nick D January 6, 2005
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lets go out and have a good time and relax.
sup, im going to a party you commin.

yea, lets get blown.
by B 2 QUIK December 18, 2004
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to have ur penis or pussy suxed
yo dis party iz wack lets go get blown!!
by koala February 24, 2005
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To receive oral sex.

Coined by Jonathan Ross’s considerably less famous brother Paul when describing a rather non-PC advert from the 1980’s.
‘I had to buy the other half a new bottle of perfume last week!’
‘So you could Get your hat blown?
‘Exactly! She wouldn’t do it for free!’
by CF Enterprises November 17, 2020
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