fuse an electrical device designed to blow breaking the circuit during an overload or short circuit protecting wiring and devices attached to the circuit fuses are usually one time use devices and must be replaced once they blow once the only form of circuit protection and electrical distribution in residential commercial and industrial building before being mostly replaced by circuit breakers but are still commonly used in automobiles and other electrical applications
man i blew 4 fuses this morning i was out of fuses and had to go to hardware store to buy a pack of fuses what an inconvenience replacing fuses can be
by littlejimmie March 20, 2019
A channel that actually played music for quite a while. Unfortunately, just like MTV, it's becoming consumed by more and more reality TV...
MTV = 99% reality TV, 1% music
Fuse = ACTUALLY A MUSIC CHANNEL... wait... what's this "Cheerleader U" crap? D:
by Fireball1783 November 13, 2007
The best music channel on. Not stupid and irritating like MTV or VH-1. They actually show videos and stuff people want to see. Not whiney teenagers and reality shows that nobody likes. MTV sucks!
Has cool shows that show videos, like Uranium.
by Laura B. February 16, 2004
the best station on cabletv, with the best videos and hot hosts for thier shows, kick ass TV!
MTV is CRAP, watch fuse.
by jessie January 1, 2004
Inside electrical implements, you will find a fuse. To prevent massive power drainage that occurs from short-curcuiting, the fuse will burn through at a certain capacity.
The fuse is blown. Get another because I'm too stupid and lazy to check the electrics of this kitchen appliance.
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
one of the greatest music networks there's ever been, and it's starting to sell out.
mtv sucks, i hope fuse doesnt become the next mtv.
by dudebuddy July 31, 2008
As a verb, to put two things together.
By fusing two isotopes of Hydrogen, I created a fusion reaction, the reaction that takes place in an H-Bomb.
by Harlds May 10, 2004