An episode of behavior in which a person is on a type of rampage in any and all levels of their being. Irrational, hateful, neglectful, disrespectful and above all illogical behaviors rule a person when they are on some fuckshit. Though not always, fuckshit is precipitated with a large consumption of drugs, usually of various types and almost always an over indulgence in them all.
Mike got on some fuckshit over the weekend. He went and ripped off Steven $50, Jason for $80, and Danny for $100. After that he beat up on his girlfriend, went to Wal-Mart and got popped for trying to shoplift a few bottles of superglue. Now the mother fucker's in jail and don't know how he got there. Suppose it's my task to go and fill the poor bastard in on all his fuckshit from this weekend.
by Nikki Stixx August 13, 2020
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An act that is unfair, greedy, or just plain wrong.
"Dude, Cody stole all of my stash last night after he got me fucked up!"

"Man, thats some fuckshit."
by Larry V February 25, 2009
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1)generally used to express signs of anger, failure, rage, etc
2)used to express hatred/annoyance,
3)used to end an awkward silence/awkward moments/statement
4)used to express emotions about ex boyfriends or prissy fake people
example: FUCKSHIT that fucking whore
or, (person slams finger in door):FUCKSHIT
or,dialogue: i want you want me? uhhhhhhh FUCKSHIT i have to go. talk to you soon?
by Am/Ros November 19, 2006
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Both a swear and a name for a rurally-situated off-the-grid barn never designed to be lived in properly during any season, but which was lived in year-round.
No, there is really no road, heat, water, electricity, or insulation at Fuckshit
by ripplingriver October 10, 2011
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Something that can describe almost anyone or anything that pisses you the fuck off and makes you want to stab it in the face.
"Man, my boyfriend is such a fuckshit!" or "That fuckshit took my fucking cookie"
by Ten-ten June 11, 2008
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The word that can be used instead of fuck, but with more awesomeness. It can be used other then fuck.
Fuckshit! Did someone jam up my printer?
by Wosa The Awesome May 29, 2019
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A word you call your friend when he's being an asshole
"Stop stealing from my wallet! You think I don't notice?!"
"Shut the fuck up you fuckshit."
by fetalisk February 02, 2018
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