To keep things said in a conversation within the party being spoken to.
Keep this conversation insulated. I don't want outside people knowing what we're talking about
by Jñ30 December 27, 2016
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Using an insulting/threatening/condesending tone to mislead someone into assuming you're going to say something negative. Objectively opposite of a 'complisult'.
Wow... you think you're so cool, just because you are very sociable, interesting, and have a great personality.

Haha, nerd! I bet you'll get a great career and achieve your ambitions.

Okay bud, don't make me come over there and tell you what an inspiring individual you are, cause I'll friggin' do it, right now!

by NEAT JEANS August 12, 2020
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A glass or porcelain device used on powerlines used to keep electricity on the line instead of going straight to ground.
Insulators are what keep you lights on unless your cousin out east likes to shoot at them.
by Eian Greene June 4, 2005
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The act of crossing a busy road, anywhere you like at your own pace regardless of approaching vehicles. Ultimately having a complete disregard for the road users.
There's no pedestrian crossing Dave, how will we cross this busy road?

Don't panic Geoff, we'll just Insulate Britain our way across this mo-fo!
by Stretchyboy October 21, 2021
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When someone (usually a carpenter) gets in trouble, they have to wear a bundle of insulation on their head a period of time determined by the severity of the deed.
I told you to put these trusses 24" on center, not 23"! Put on the insulation hat and get in the sonor tube for 15 minutes, you insubordinate bastard!
by avaraxus January 20, 2008
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