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(noun) A firearm bought and sold on the black market that is more than likely stolen that is acquired primarily for some felonious and unlawful purpose(s). However surprise comes to its new owner when they attempt to fire it to no success. Though the origins and intentions of most all involved are not entirely known, one telltale characteristic of a cop-gun is the absence of a firing pin in the firearm. Further research and investigation is needed to better understand this term.
Jake couldn’t believe what a bargain he had got the shiny.45 he was staring at that lay in his palm presently. Nate practically gave it to Jake and Jake was itching to put it to work. Grinning as he thought about Robert’s head exploding like a pumpkin after one close range headshot he was ready to deliver. Nate wasn’t tripping about Jake’s plan, and he knew homeboy Robert shouldn’t be sweating anything either. Producing a clever chuckle out loud to himself Nate grinned like the joker and swindler he was and thought, ‘Dumb shit, he ain’t blasting shit with that cop-gun’ and added ‘be better for many if the would be pretender-killer and easy mark were to get popped holding that piece’ as besides not having a firing pin the pistol also had no serial number on it intact.
by Nikki Stixx July 8, 2022
(noun) The main moment of ecstasy. Specifically the culmination and meeting of two lovers’s orgasms, both at their apex, as they occur simultaneously.
Nikki could feel the spasms that jerked through Shannon’s body continue to gain force and he knew she would be there soon. Barely able to control his own body, Nikki saw her throw her head back, eyes glazed and ready, her magnificent breasts, nipples like bullets, pointed upwards, she quickly threw her arms around him with nails digging flesh, and her lips parted in an attempt to voice her body-jolting release as she produced a high pitched squall. Nikki’d lost his voice, mind blown to where speech was unknown, he still pushed and pushed, though he had no control of the waves of spasms taking control of his body. They both were coming hard and fucking long, all their practice made them able to reconnect to this world at the same time as they always found one another at the crescendo of their lust marathons.
by Nikki Stixx May 9, 2020
(noun) A location that is a safe haven for IV drug users to be around like-minded individuals, where they can consume/inject their drugs without fear of any scrutiny, prejudice or negative repercussions. More often than not such places also sell drugs that is readily available.
You could tell that Tara didn't know that Jenny's place was a popular neighborhood shooting gallery. The first thing she saw was Tommy hitting Johnny with some clear, Stevie hitting Raymond with some clear and I was injecting Shannon with some clear. If Tara had stayed around a bit longer she might could have snuck a few peeps of me injecting Shannon with some of my premium grade seen. But alas it looked as though she had seen enough already to make her skin crawl.
by Nikki Stixx December 14, 2020
(noun) Acronym used by various types of characters when acquiring or sharing sensitive information without implicating themselves in whatever actual deed, act, event, or situation is being described or discussed. A troublemaker from day one who enjoys doing whatever it is that they do and more oftentimes than not SWIM is always involved in some kind of unsavory, dangerous or unlawful misdeed.
Beginning to look annoyed Nikki gazed at Jody who never seemed to shut up about how they knew Nikki had ripped off Gay Jesse in an alleged drug buy. Seeing his last bit of patience fall from him like a droplet of sweat Nikki shot back countering Jody’s claims and coming about as close as he was going to get as far as admitting such actions saying, “You need to mind your own business and go suck a dick or something….what you’re talking about…wasn’t me…I was with SWIM that night and Gay Jesse wouldn’t quit calling him, rushing the Fuck out of both of us…..SWIM got tired of the aggravation, turned his phone on silent and never looked back. SWIM started out with friendly intentions, but there’s only some much badgering a regular guy can take from an impatient sissy before he is forced to take action”. Nikki paused there, squinting at his accuser and ending with a hint of sorts, “Y’know what I mean”? Of course he didn’t cause the sissy was in deep thought about wanting to suck Nikki’s dick.
by Nikki Stixx September 27, 2022
(noun) Tried and true, faithful-to-the-end; unwaveringly loyal to the core; your #1 ally when the shit goes down and your cause may very well be a lost one.
I was worried about John going to that part of town, but then I learned Nikki was with him. Nikki considers John a friend and is the downedest mother fucker I know. By me learning that I brushed my worries to the side. Nikki would watch out for John and put John's well being above his own .
by Nikki Stixx December 30, 2020
(noun) All encompassing term used to describe various types of low-life individuals. Probably the primary type of loser this word is in reference to are individuals who put forth little if any effort in bettering their livelihood and the livelihoods of their immediate family and those around them, but would rather rely on their country's government tax dollars to finance their way of life, specifically people who draw/collect a check every month. The basis for the word and it's association is thus: Once upon a time, esp where this writer is from, food commodities where given out to lower income families, one of which were great big blocks of government cheese....in a few words....THE BEST GODDAMN CHEESE YOU WILL EVER EAT IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE OR IN THE NEXT.
Luther was without question the epitome of a cheeser. At thirty years old he had already sired thirteen children, nine of which he had anything to do with, but managed to draw food stamps off of every one if them. He's banned from every single store in town due to him suing for various fictitious claims about injuries. He knows about and is familiar with every chow line and soup kitchen around. If he is somehow able to finagle anyone out of any amount of money they should consider it gone for good.
by Nikki Stixx December 12, 2020
(noun) An endearing title or nickname usually between two intimates not unlike other endearment such as 'honey', 'darling', 'sweetheart', etc. that is affirming, encouraging, positive, as well as accepting and/or wanting.
Weak-kneed Shannon stumbled from the bed, the soaked sheets sticking to her wonderful nakedness sweetly as her skin shined by the safe glow of the black and white screen on the television as 'It's A Wonderful Life' played on. There Jimmy Stuart and Donna Reed skipped merrily on their way in a winter where they were happy in one another's arms, singing of 'Buffalo Girls'. Nikki could feel the cool tear race down his face as he called out to her, "Ohh Sugarbutt, won't you come hard tonight, come hard tonight, come hard tonight?" Answering his call Shannon appeared back near the television's glow, a bottle of mineral oil in her devious little fingers, she replied "I think there's enough time in the night for us both to get that in......more than once".
by Nikki Stixx September 11, 2020