The word that can be used instead of fuck, but with more awesomeness. It can be used other then fuck.
Fuckshit! Did someone jam up my printer?
by Wosa The Awesome May 29, 2019
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extreme anger in one simple word FUCKSHIT!!!!
your going to jujitsue.response, FUCKSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by richard martello August 08, 2006
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is when a stupid person opens their mouth and says something totally inane.
that girl opens her mouth and fuck shit falls out
by Jeremy Pearce February 07, 2004
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Fuckshit is anything that you know you shouldn't be doing. It also is used to describe anything out of the ordinary or illegal. It is a generalization of all things that make you second guess doing it.
Sharon be on some fuckshit not paying TJ the money she owes. If she wasn't going to cover it, then why did she vouch for Jill and tell him she'd pay it?

Buck is locked up because Mark got his ass tangled up in some fuckshit and they got caught.
by Skitz0hphrenik August 22, 2020
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