what you say when your expectations (demands) have not been met.

You are the rule book, judge, and jury, so if you don't like what I do, it's "unfair."
It's unfair for you to lay around all day.
by jonathan lockwood huie October 18, 2008
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adj: any thing, rule, law or set of circumstances that doesn't directly assist the interests of the speaker.
Man, I can't get $1,000,000 just by sitting on my butt at home - that's so unfair!
by Aspergius November 15, 2006
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The word that describes everything
That's unfair!
by PERSOOOOON March 6, 2020
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When your parent(s) punish you harder then your siblings, or give them way nicer things than you.
My twin brother got this sweet new iPhone for his birthday, and I got two sweaters and one shoe. Literally. One shoe. The other one somehow got lost the night before. If there's a book somewhere that records all the greatest acts of unfairenting, this is in it.
by Carnitron January 3, 2015
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When the opposition has an extra player on the field, which is illegal & everyone knows. But the SANFL don’t want to upset the one club that did the right thing. Unfair....
by Confused11 September 19, 2018
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Unfairism is when someone acts unfairly a repeated amount of time.
Mille abuses will all the time, will says one thing back millie gets mad. That is unfairism from millie
by the creater of unfairism May 16, 2021
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