When you are an incredibly honest, real, and loyal person, but someone still won't trust you no matter what.
It's unfair. πŸ’”
by πŸ₯€πŸ’” October 11, 2020
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what you say when your expectations (demands) have not been met.

You are the rule book, judge, and jury, so if you don't like what I do, it's "unfair."
It's unfair for you to lay around all day.
by jonathan lockwood huie October 18, 2008
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adj: any thing, rule, law or set of circumstances that doesn't directly assist the interests of the speaker.
Man, I can't get $1,000,000 just by sitting on my butt at home - that's so unfair!
by Aspergius November 14, 2006
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When the opposition has an extra player on the field, which is illegal & everyone knows. But the SANFL don’t want to upset the one club that did the right thing. Unfair....
by Confused11 September 19, 2018
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What a student says when they don’t like something... even if mentioned on the Syllabus... a hundred times!
Student: It’s unfair that I got a lower grade for not showing up to class on time... I mean, it’s a 9am class? Who goes anywhere at 9am?
by FegelFatso May 03, 2019
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