When you are so sad and pissed off at the same time.
Joe: Hey Shaun did you make the soccer team?
Shaun: Eh, Fuckshit, I got cut.
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A word you call your friend when he's being an asshole
"Stop stealing from my wallet! You think I don't notice?!"
"Shut the fuck up you fuckshit."
by fetalisk February 02, 2018
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The majority of the posters at Something Awful's "Laissez's Fair" subforum, the only ones exempt from this are Marxists-Leninists and Muslims.
*writes a huge-ass wall of text supporting America's genocidal, neocolonialist imperialism and Barack Obama, claims to be a progressive* I'm a fuckshit! I'm a fuckshit!
by FaggotMaster March 10, 2010
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Something that can describe almost anyone or anything that pisses you the fuck off and makes you want to stab it in the face.
"Man, my boyfriend is such a fuckshit!" or "That fuckshit took my fucking cookie"
by Ten-ten June 11, 2008
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Example 1:

"I don't know fuck shit about that."

Example 2:

Johnny: "You got any of that dope shit?"

Bruce: "I ain't got fuck shit."
by From the bowels of Tasmania April 09, 2009
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somebody so fucking retarted you couldnt think of anything else to say after you called them a fuck, so you said shit....hence fuck shit
Michael your a fuck......shit
by Joe March 23, 2004
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