Perhaps the most disgusting, vile insult to call somebody who is annoying, stupid, or simply someone whom you hate.
Fuckshit: As you're having unprotected anal sex with a girl, you cum inside her ass, and immediately afterwards, she runs to the bathroom to take a shit, whatever comes out of her ass is 'fuckshit' - semen mixed with shit, and maybe even blood.
by Rambone Cockrum January 18, 2009
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unexplainable lame ass shit
That's some fuckshit! Or This is some fuckshit!
by T-Rowdy and EllRiot September 5, 2011
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generic swear word.

see also fuckshit

you stupid little fuckshite!

this is a load of fuckshite!

i hate those fuckshite bitches!

by your mum, and you knows it August 25, 2008
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To preform mischief or other activities that others may not agree with or support.
''Ay, you seen brandon lately? How he doin?''
''Ion know bro, I heard he on that fuckshit again''
by khuda667 April 23, 2020
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an exclaimation used in times of extreme anger, confusion, excitement, etc.
Fuckshit! That hurt!
by MJ Fisher February 20, 2004
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A very funny word, often said by Moshers and Cool people.
Usually said when somebody has been clumsy.
'Oh, Fuckshites! Sorry dude, I didn't mean to Wack you in the face whilst moshing!'
by Alicia:) May 23, 2008
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a person or thing who is annoying in any way, shape, or form.
by feleah August 30, 2003
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