One of a kind. Sweet and stubborn. Quiet due to how loud her beauty vibrates. Smart and sexy. Has a great sense of humor. Exquisitely lovable, extremely loving even if she doesn't always know how to show it. Jessie's laugh will give you goosebumps and when she sings she is the only thing you will hear. Jessie is strong and indepent and she isn't afraid to show it.
Her love is unforgetable. Jessie is love. Jessie is an amazing friend, a better lover.
She's perfect, she is a Jessie.
by 4everU December 23, 2016
A total freak in bed who's absolutely uplifting and hilarious. If you find a Jessie never let them go, they may irritate you with how honest they are but at least they are real and they are just as gorgeous as they are honest . Jessie's are the best to find a relationship and will always have you on your toes, Jessie's are like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day. Jessie's are very very special and absolutely irreplaceable.
by lolololol22 December 19, 2016
Seems shy and innocent at first but when you get to know them are the complete opposite. Hates to fight but has a ability to. Is sexy asf, If you fuck a Jessie you can’t forget it. Just truly amazing
Whoa their amazing it has to be a Jessie
by Writer.g April 14, 2019
The most amazing girl you'll ever find. She's sweet, funny, beautiful, gorgeous, etc. She's lovable and never intends to hurt anyone. Amazing personality. Her eyes, hair, everything. Not just any girl, original. Crazy, but fun. Make sure you don't hurt her. You'll surely love her, I know I have. Her smile. It's... amazing. She might mess around with you sometimes but no matter what, you can't help but smile. She has a lot of blonde moments too. Once you meet a Jessie, don't let her go.
Friend: Man, Jessie is so adorable.

Friend #2: I know right, anyone would be lucky to have her.

adorable pretty gorgeous beautiful lovable
by SlowButProud March 4, 2012
Jessie is the girl every guy wants. She's beautiful, sweet, caring, loving, and can brighten your whole day in moments. Jessie is a little shy at first, but once you get to know her she's outgoing and a ton of fun to be around. If you have a Jessie don't let her go because you'll regret it forever. Jessie is almost impossible to not fall in love with. She is gorgeous, with beautiful eyes, an adorable smile, and the cutest laugh you've ever heard. She's a straight dime. She doesn't know how perfect she is, but you love telling her every second. She's also smart, kind, loving, hard working, and knows what she wants. Jessie is the best you've ever had and ever will. A Jessie will make you want to fall in love, and then you will want to stay. Jessie is the most amazing girl you'll ever meet and if you find one, make sure you hold on and never hurt her, because she would never hurt you.
Guy 1: Damn bro you see that girl over there?

Guy 2: Yeah she's hot as fuck.
Guy 1: she's beautiful! Definitely a Jessie.
Guy 2:hell ya she is!
Guy 3: yeah she is, that's my girlfriend, I'm the luckiest man in the world

Guy 1&2: fuck bro I'm jelly...
by Silverado16 July 7, 2014
Jessie. I don't know where to begin whenever I hear the name 'Jessie'. A girl who is beautiful, and funny, and smart, unique in everyway possible. She is out-going, she can get very wild sometimes and she sure knows how to party and have a good time! She is very smart but sometimes.. she doesn't show her smart side and gets to be a bit of a dumbass. But thats ok! It's ok because it's Jessie.. and anything Jessie does is adorable and you can't help but smile at her when she smiles, or laughs, or even when she's doing nothing! You just can't help but notice how beautiful she is. And when she looks at you with her beautiful eyes... It's like your dead. Gone. Her eyes make it look like the stars aren't shining. If you ever come across a Jessie in your lifetime, make sure you never let go of her and you hold on tight to her. She's hard to get back once you've lost her. Love her with everything you've got!
Mannn! I wish my girlfriend was a Jessie!
by jrizzi December 1, 2014
Jessie is the greatest girl in the world! She smells greats, looks great, and is great!

She is kind and lovely. Flowers bow to her as their queen and fair maidens gaze in adoration of how lovely she is! Her sweat is perfume and her poops are works of art. There's nothing more lovely than Jessie. She lights up every room she enters and makes the boy she loves feel complete. She is everything wonderful encapsulated in a lovely floral pill. She is addictive and yet you can't overdose on the love that oozes out of her like a jelly-filled donut of love.

Don't ever let go of Jessie if you have her. She's the best thing that exists on this planet.

Plus, she knows the chorus of Future's "Mask Off" by heart. Man, if that ain't enough, I don't know what is?

She is not just beautiful, but smart as well.

She can prepare excel forms in a jiff! Boo Yah!
She is also kind. She's helpful and has an excellent smile. Dentist use her as a reference.

But for reals, that's a Jessie!
Ooh, that Jessie so sweet! Imma have to call the doctor for more insulin son!

Boy 1: I just got a cupcake from that girl for no apparent reason.

Boy 2: that's nice.

Boy 1: yeah, I think that girl was a Jessie.

Man, I wish I was as lucky enough to have a Jessie.

Flowers: "we adore you, our queen!"
*flowers bowing*
by SmoothBrownChocolate July 24, 2017