explosives meant to annoy your neighbors.
"I hate that geezer, he got mad at me just for shooting his dog. It was only an M80."
by Tcuz December 11, 2004
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One of the best things one could play with/create. Used for fun in destroying things...yet they are dangerous
"These fireworks certainly are fun."
"Oh shit! I just blew my fingers off!"
"I said they were dangerous"
"Oh well, it was fun"
by really cool awesome guy May 23, 2004
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when two people have a sexual intercourse and make a lot of loud noises (whore's use this because it's more fun for their clients)
Mark: isn't it interesting how there are so many definitions including sex?
Mark:Hay, you want to set off fireworks?
Luna:Sure. :)
by imhappy May 27, 2008
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"How did it go with Katy last night?"
"Dude, I fireworked all over her stomach"
"Holy shit dude"
by Ojap September 10, 2009
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When sitting with a girl, a man asks her if she likes fireworks. He then holds out one finger and has her touch it. He spins his finger around like a firework going up in the air while making sound effects, and lands around her shoulder. Right before his hand lands on her shoulder, the firework explodes, and he punches her in the side of the face, forcing her head down into his crotch.

Bonus points are scored if pants are off, and she lands on your dick.
While I was sitting with Casey, I took my pants off while under the blanket, and she had no idea. I then fireworked her, and she landed right on my dick. It was the best head she ever gave me!
by RunTumRun September 20, 2010
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