Loud obnoxious piece of shit

No one likes a "frisk"
Wears the worst type of low-waisted shitty pants
Attention seeking piece of ass shit dick fucker
The closest human creature thing to a witch

Always cries when she is in an uncomfortable situation to compensate for her lack of attention and brainpower in general.
She is always a choosing beggar
*Loud noises coming from smelling pig*
"Oh my gosh that ugly bitch is loud af and needs to shut the fuck up fr."
"Yeah i know right, she is such a Frisk"
by Capybara124irui3 April 21, 2022
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yo mama, eats boogers, fathers name is juan, liks my littly pony
"Frisk so cool, They listen to loona."
"Onggg Fr."
by jinxsocooliamjinximcool July 28, 2021
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Frisk is a token of appreciation given to you by Frisk, the Great Dane. Frisk is like a Refreshing Power Mint condensed in size a million times. When you understand what it means to be Frisk it may be too late. Becoming Frisk may or may not be a non sexual and non romantic token, like a Brother From Another Mother, a bromance or a man crush. (Also; see GirlCrush and see Danish) Frisk may or may not be ordered by dialing extension 5412841601240 and is best before 03 2023E31031H. Frisk is 5,7 g.
by toebro May 17, 2022
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Its basically the same thing as "frick" but i cant read so i accidentally read frick as frisk so now im making it a new word
by Truck truck November 4, 2021
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A genderless kid from Undertale who loves striped sweaters.
I don’t think we’ll ever know what their eyes looks like.
by K0TOZ May 23, 2021
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a cool group of girls who is fresh and fly. there might be a guy in the group but he's super gay and ugly
1 bro 2 another: "hey check out de friske piger they are so hot and cool"
other bro: "yeah ikr they so sexy"
by fisseline January 4, 2017
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Something grown women should have a good understanding of.
I saw Janice and Pam at Club Scandalous, those hoes did a bad read of the frisk factor to be in there
by mrsfrisky April 20, 2011
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