Short form for "Halifax", capital of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Superior to all other short forms, including "Hali" and "H-Dizzle"*.

*These short forms may or may not actually exist
Dude, I am totally getting a cheap lobster dinner tonight. Where else but the fax!
by NoReMoRsE3000 May 23, 2009
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Something that is very true. So true that it cannot just be called true. It's fax.
Friend 1:Bro, Trunp's hair be lookin like a wet dog
Friend 2:fax
by mvpasq August 29, 2016
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Variation of the word "facts". Can be used in a conversation to express strong agreement and in some cases, understanding, or comprehension of what is being said.
Person 1: that bonfire last night was so lit
Person 2: fax
by Stanford_University July 13, 2022
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When something is really true. Used to agree with someone.
Tyrone: Oli loves eating fat fucking bum beards
Daquan: Oh fuck that's straight fax
by fatcogg July 31, 2019
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Haggard strong 10% beer from Denmark available in 500ml or 1L cans. Costs about $5.80 at the beer store and for a high-in alcohol beer its not that bad compared to others. Gets you seriously fucked.
Dude, you got faxed.
by Dave April 3, 2005
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When u gotta say facts but u lazy af
Sameep: i like doing extra homework
Pratham: fax
by Faxman6969 February 12, 2019
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