A goat women that loves jokes from the game undertale. In the game she is basicly your mom, SO DONT KILL HER!!..and she might give you a butterscotch pie.
"Would you like some pie my child?"
/Real quot from game/Toriel
by Sugarcookie161 May 26, 2016
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An anthropomorphic Nubian goat with long eyelashes, a pure white fur coat, and a long purple dress with the Delta Rune symbol upon it.


Toriel is a Nubian goat who has long eyelashes, droopy ears, fangs, and a purple dress with the Delta Rune upon it. She appears in the game UNDERTALE. Toriel cares for previously 7 humans, not including Frisk. Toriel enjoys puns and baking pies. She will often refer to the protagonist as "my child." She has previously married Asgore, but divorced him as he waged war against humanity.
"Toriel is my goat mom."
by DeltaDefination February 1, 2017
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A goat mom, the most accidently killed thing in the history of games!
by DJFleischman September 24, 2019
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The goat mom from Undertale! Everyone loves her- either that, or you’re an emotionless talking flower.
It pains Undertale players to kill Toriel on the genocide run- truly a heartbreaking moment.
by Purpleflamex July 27, 2020
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A nice goat mommy who is from a game called undertale.
I love toriel the goat mommy she nice
by Rubeedi October 30, 2021
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A Character from undertale who is only known as a Goat Milf
Toriel is such a Milf
by Putthatbeatdownlikethefamdog November 25, 2019
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