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A CHARActer from the popular side scroller game, Undertale. Seen at the end of the Pacifist route, Asriel prevents the player from leaving the underground, by trying to kill them. Droven by anger and sadness, Asriel tries to kill the player to have full control of the timeline. That way, he can RESET, and do it all over again, just to be able to see the player....... Asriel is just a prince, wanting to be free, and wants a friend once more. The only way to finish the battle is by SAVEing Asriel, along with your other friends.

*I was so tired of being a flower!


*Frisk.... are you there?

*It's me.... your best friend....


Frisk: Isn't Asriel the fluffiest cinnamon bun, EVER?!
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by Frisk the Human December 13, 2017
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Lord Asriel, a main character in Philip Pullman's trilogy of His Dark Materials, is a highly intelligent and powerful aristocrat in a universe parralel and similar to ours. He is the one who starts the rebellion against Heaven and ultimately overthrows the regent of the false God at the cost of his own life.
Lord Asriel was a powerful man with broad shoulders, a grim face and dark eyes that seemed glitter with savage laughter.
by Jake Archer April 19, 2008
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A sweet, inquisitive person, he can talk to anyone and understand them for who/what they are, or, put simply, he sees through people and their intentions. Very smart and focuses on tactics/strategy. Doesn't show much negative emotion. Has a small group of real friends. Often lost in thought, he is usually quiet, but that doesn't mean he's not noticed. In fact, he's actually well respected and known whether he knows it or not. Impeccable timing if he talks/makes a joke. When especially angered, he just recluses even more, making him deadly calm and even headed, unless it reaches a point to where he lets all of his usually bottled up emotion out at once. Usually confident, can do anything he puts his head to, and a killer musician. He's also got a head for chess and clue. All in all, an example.
Student: Who's that?
Other: Oh, Asriel? He's been here for a while.
Student: WUT
by NoParties September 06, 2017
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