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An amazing italian girl who knows how to have an amazing time. She doesnt give a shit of what people think of her.

She is a uniqe girl, willing to find her true love. She has a nice body and takes nice care of herself. She isnt afraid to be herself around ANYONE. everyone usually loves a gianna and will go to them for advice and help with any kind of trouble and problems. She is a beautiful girl who keeps promises. Gianna's are very sexy. They are usually brunettes with very curly hair. If you ever meet a Gianna hold on to her because she is the best friend you could ever have. Gianna's make good girlfriends and will be 100% loyal to you; she will stand up for herself and make sure you get what you deserve. Shes very good at revenge but rarely seeks revenge on people. Gianna's stand out in a crowd and don't let people tell them what to do. They also have amazing boyfriends. So, as you can tell, Gianna's are amazing people!
Gianna has a lot of guy friends.
by Dr. doofenshmurts. December 21, 2016
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A loyal Italian girl who doesn't give a shit about what people think of her, when you first start to talk to her she will be shy but as you get to know her she will start to talk more. Gianna's have awesome body's and don't believe that they are pretty no matter how many people tell them otherwise, they have many friends and can be themselves around anyone.
by Mollygorge0034 December 18, 2014
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Gianna is someone who will be very loyal. She's often shy when you first meet her, however when you get to know her you'll have trouble making her shut up. She often sits back and lets her friend get the guys, but she's really just waiting for her prince. If you find a Gianna do NOT let her go or you will live to regret it. Gianna is an amazing friend but if you piss her off she will avoid you, but it's only because she doesn't want to be in a bad mood. Giannas are often very pretty but will never believe they are. They also tend to let others put them down
"wow Gianna thanks for being there"
"yea my girlfriend is Gianna"
"I'm so stupid for making Gianna mad"
"I miss Gianna, I want her as my bestfriend again"
by music lover 101 March 27, 2013
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Shes an amazing Italian or Jewish beautiful girl with so many friends. All her friends know they can go to her for anything, and for trust and honesty. Also, a girl with many guy friends. A lot of boys like her for her great personality and her unique, pretty looks. Shes doesn't care what people think about her craziness, and she's smart, loving, and creative. One of a kind.
I love Gianna!
by heatherlovesgianna April 25, 2010
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The best person ever lived. She has so many talents and is a jock. Anyone who's with her is the luckiest person in the world.
Look, our Gianna has made the day!
by divawriter27 April 15, 2013
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A feisty Italian girl. Usually have dark hair and brown eyes. They are the funniest, most caring girls you will ever meet. They know not to take shit from nobody. Gianna's have a lot of friends and the boys can't help falling for them. They have nice personalities and just by talking to a Gianna, you will fall in love with her so fast. They have nice bodies and a nice ass that is ready to get slapped! Although, Gianna's hate perverts.
"Hey, is that Gianna?"
"Yeah, I'm in love with her. She's so funny!"
by my dudeeeeeee June 02, 2018
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