The most adorable, charming, and all around best person on earth. Grey is someone who can make you smile all day just by thinking of them. They are stunning in every single way. They are beautiful and handsome and will sweep you off your feet. Once you meet grey, you're life is forever changed for the better.
"Wow that Grey really butters my egg roll"
by SpaceBoyClark February 6, 2018
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N: A color.
Alternate spellings
GrEy: British
GrAy: American
GrEHy: Canadian
GrG'DAYMATEy: Australian
by RDDemon January 28, 2016
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A special sweet friend who will find happiness and contentedness with friends he's known forever. Though those around him may push him in different directions to do what they want, he will eventually do what he wants, which is to lead a simple, quiet life. A Grey usually has friends for life and since childhood. He takes no sides and is loyal to himself and his ideas alone.
I've known that Grey forever!
by Greys1friend December 2, 2011
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Grey, he is the most beautiful person on Gods green earth. He is amazing. His smile is so adorable and he just makes you happy. He has the best hair and the best accent. He means the world to you. You would do anything for Grey. Grey is the best. He is so beautiful. I don't know why I'm writing the definition because he's so indescribable. He has an amazing sense of humor and he understands you. He's very smart and athletic. He's very mature, quiet, and likes to read. He's an amazing person. If you haven't met Grey, you haven't lived. Grey, is just so wonderful. He's a great person. He makes you laugh a lot. He'll make you stay up all night and talk to your friends about how adorable he is. He's perfect on so many levels. He's the guy that when you meet him, he changes your life. A child of God so beautiful, yet so far away to be with.
Me: oh my gosh did you see Grey? He's so adorable!!!!
Friend: I know!!!! Go for it!!!
Me: thanks!!!
by Stu_Dogg August 25, 2017
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the shades between black and white. especially between what is right and wrong. the grey area between what is good and bad.
is talking to a guy I have a crush on behind my boyfriends back considered cheating?

i'm not sure. it's the grey of cheating. it's between right and wrong.
by w8iknowthis1 October 27, 2012
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Grey is a word to describe a man who is kind, romantic, fun to be with, a fierce protector and southern gentleman.
Wow, that Grey is a fine man!
by Lynn Stock February 4, 2010
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The color Grey is now a name that means powerful
Grey is a powerful man.
by Fuckboi27 February 17, 2018
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