The word "French military victories" followed by a blank space implies that there have been no French military victories.
by Filthy Rog McBastard June 12, 2007
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The Battle of Yorktown, Sep-Oct 1781. The decisive battle of the American Revolution, fought with equal parts French and American soldiers.
The U.S.A. exists because France's citizens fought alongside us when we needed them most. And then America and France kinda went to war while France and Britian were at war, and then France fell into revolution and Britian and America went to war, and, did I mention? the British and the Americans fought the French before all this even began. With Injuns! Anyway, America eventually went to war with itself, and the West Point generals from the South battled the West Point generals from the North, and then we hooked back up with France and Britian and together kicked the crap out of the Axis.

French Military Victories. I only need this one to make all the other definitions realize how stupid they are.
by pennsylvanianbot August 27, 2009
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When the French win in battle - which they have done, only Americans won't believe it because they're pissy and moronic, in equal measure.
A list of notable French military victories:
Battle of Allia (387 BC)
Battle of Gergovia (52 BC)
Battle of Soissons (486)
Battle of Tolbaic (496)
Battle of Vouille (507)
Battle of Tours (732)
Battle of Pavia (773)
Battle for Paris (885-6)
Battle of Val-es-Dunes (1047)
Battle of Hastings (1066)
Battle of Dorylaeum (1097)
Battle of Ascalon (1099)
Battle of Montgisard (1177)
Battle of Bouvines (1214)
Battle of Morlaix (1342)
Battle of Ardres (1351)
Battle of Cocherel (1364)
Battle of Montiel (1369)
Battle of La Rochelle (1372)
Battle of Chiset (1373)
Battle of Roosebeke (1382)
Battle of Bauge (1421)
Siege of Orleans (1428-9)
Battle of Jargeau (1429)
Battle of Beaugency (1429)
Battle of Patay (1429)
Siege of Compiegne (1429)
Battle of Gerbevoy (1435)
Battle of Formigny (1450)
Battle of Castillon (1453)
Battle of Agnadello (1509)
Battle of Marignano (1515)
Battle of Ceresole (1544)
Battle of Rocroi (1643)
Battle of Nordlingen (1645)
Battle of Lens (1648)
Battle of Dunes (1658)
Battle of Fleurus (1690)
Battle of Beachy Head (1690)
Battle of Landen (1693)
Battle of Denain (1712)
Battle of Fontenoy (1745)
Battle of Roucoux (1746)
Battle of Lauffeld (1747)
Battle of Hastenbeck (1757)
Battle of Carillon (1758)
Battle of Yorktown (1781)
Battle of the Chesapeake (1781)
Battle of Valmy (1792)
Battle of Fleurus (1794)
Battle of Lodi (1796)
Battle of Castiglione (1796)
Battle of the Bridge of Arcole (1796)
Battle of Diersheim (1797)
Battle of Rivoli (1797)
Battle of the Pyramids (1798)
Battle of Mount Tabor (1799)
Battle of Abukir (1799)
Second Battle of Zurich (1799)
Battle of Marengo (1800)
Battle of Hohenlinden (1800)
Battle of Austerlitz (1805)
Battle of Jena (1806)
Battle of Jena-Auerstedt (1806)
Battle of Friedland (1807)
Battle of Tudela (1808)
Battle of Ucles (1809)
Battle of Ciudad-Real (1809)
Battle of Eckmuhl (1809)
Battle of Wagram (1809)
Battle of Medellin (1809)
Battle of Ocana (1809)
Battle of Smolensk (1812)
Battle of Borodino (1812)
Battle of Dresden (1813)
Battle of Lutzen (1813)
Battle of Vauchamps (1814)
Battle of Ligny (1815)
Battle of Trocadero (1823)
Battle of Navarino (1827)
Invasion of Algeria (1830)
Battle of Balaclava (1854)
Battle of Malakoff (1855)
Battle of Solferino (1859)
Battle of Foochow (1884)
First Battle of the Marne (1914)
Togoland (1914)
Battle of Ypres (1914)
Battle of Verdun (1916)
Battle of Vimy Ridge (1917)
Second Battle of the Marne (1918)
Battle of Belleau Wood (1918)
Battle of Chateau-Thierry (1918)
Battle of Amiens (1918)
Battle of Maysalun (1922)
Battle of Koufra (1941)
Battle of Normandy (1944)
Operation Dragoon (1944)
Operation Desert Storm (1991)
Cote d'Ivoire (2003)
by OD Smith July 27, 2008
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*Notable* French-only military victories include:

1) The 100 Years War
2) That's it.

The Crimean War doesn't count. Although the French played an important war, the primary players were the British and the Russians.

William the Conqueror of Normandy (William the Bastard as he was then known) was most likely of Celtic or Viking descent, not actually a Frenchman.

Napoleon was actually bad for France, it was worse off after he was finished with it than it had been. At least it was somewhat respectable before. (Although the French people were better off under the psychopath Napoleon than under the incompetent French royalty)

Indo-china...That was as pointless as the American attempt later on.

And Kung-fu Jesus, losing 50,000 troops over fourteen years is better, not worse, than losing 90,000 in less time.
by Rado December 19, 2004
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An ironic mistake by Google, which said that no results can be found for "French Military Victories" if you click the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

The irony is that France has actually won more battles and wars over the last six hundred years than any other country in Europe.
Stupid man: Did you know that there have never been any French Military Victories?

Average man: Did you know that you're an idiot?
by Mister Sheen July 27, 2009
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Victories of the nation who fought and won more wars and battles than any other nation in the world.
French military victories? There are so many because you know....France won more wars and battles than any other nation in the world.

No that's not true because I'm a sad ignorant cunt.
by VladMartel April 25, 2008
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