by Harder Daddy Harder December 11, 2009
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Eating a ricobenes steak sandwich, Mr. D’s steak sandwich, and Portillo’s beef in one day (12 hours period).
Davis: He almost completed 773 Maneuver!
Darren: When you eat a Mr. D’s steak sandwich, ricobene’s sandwich, and a beef in one day?!
Davis: That’s the one.
by ATG6923 April 11, 2022
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A amazing money making superstar. 773 Josh is a rather sexy person and get any female he wants with just a little bit effort. Many people want to be like him and move as him as the reason of why he has so many followers. Also can be devious by his charming personality and smile striking females and arousing them which causes many relationship break ups.
Damn 773 Josh just took another nigga bitch.
by felixthegoat November 10, 2017
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