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Generic name for Italians, used largely during the second world war by the British.
Those Ities are just a bunch of gangsters
by Rado September 23, 2004
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An economic union of several European nations
Sod the EU, Home Rule for Britain!
by Rado December 20, 2004
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A cruel and heartless man that wrote scores of plays for the sole purpose of torturing young schoolboys and -girls for generations after his death.
Shakespeare...That bastard.
by Rado February 6, 2005
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*Notable* French-only military victories include:

1) The 100 Years War
2) That's it.

The Crimean War doesn't count. Although the French played an important war, the primary players were the British and the Russians.

William the Conqueror of Normandy (William the Bastard as he was then known) was most likely of Celtic or Viking descent, not actually a Frenchman.

Napoleon was actually bad for France, it was worse off after he was finished with it than it had been. At least it was somewhat respectable before. (Although the French people were better off under the psychopath Napoleon than under the incompetent French royalty)

Indo-china...That was as pointless as the American attempt later on.

And Kung-fu Jesus, losing 50,000 troops over fourteen years is better, not worse, than losing 90,000 in less time.
by Rado December 20, 2004
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A region claimed by both Pakistan and India.

Kashmir shares a boarder with each of the aforementioned countries, but in 1947 (When independence was gained for Pakistan and India) it's maharajah, Hari Singh (descended of Gulab Singh), refused to meet an agreement with either nation, as he hoped to remain independent.

In October 1947, two months after the partition of Pakistan and India, Pathan tribesmen from Pakistan entered Kashmir, routed the maharajah's troops and moved towards the capital, Srinagar. Hari Singh asked India's assistance, which was granted only after he agreed to annex his state to India. The Pathans, as un-disciplined as they were warlike, stopped to loot the local population, giving India an opportunity to airlift reinforcements to Srinagar. Pakistani troops entered the war to support the Pathans. Fighting went back and forth.

This began the tensions between India and Pakistan which persist today.

In my opinion Kashmir belongs to India, and I hope to see it come under India's full control in the near future!
Kashmir is disputed territory!
by Rado December 19, 2004
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An abbreviation for "Her(His) Majesty's Ship" which is used to identify ships of the United Kingdom.
The HMS Victory has just sailed into Plymouth harbour
by Rado December 19, 2004
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See example of La Marseillaise for the official French lyrics and English lyrics of the French anthem, La Marseillaise
by Rado April 3, 2005
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