someone who is so blind to the world around them.. that they hide behind their mums rules and never truly understand other peoples motivations or opinions.
Josh G is an ignorant cunt.
by anamininutity November 10, 2008
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Your typical 'turd' wave feminist, who believes the path to equality is through hatred and bigotry of cultures rejected by their idealism. Becoming the thing they very image of everything hate: racism, sexism, ageism, delusional: and still pretending to be a victim.

Considers rehashes and reboots of the past to actually be original thought when role reversal is the only change made, instead of actually transcending negative paradigms.
#WomensMarchOnWashington , full of voters who are still angry they didn't win fair and square because they voted on a candidate solely because she was a woman, in spite of her endless track record of corruption starting with her internship under her mentor: Richard Nixon
aka, ignorant cunts
by iOneIndividual January 20, 2017
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When someone posts a screenshot showing it will rain and says, "have fun golfing", they are an ignorant cunt.
by Lankadank October 28, 2021
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