Guy 1: she’s such a punk ass bitch!

Guy 2: she must be a Pavia!
by OldTownOregano May 10, 2019
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someone who lacks emotions and affection usually lacks aspects of parenting and can sometimes be sweet.
by John Blanke July 1, 2010
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Pronounced Block Pay-Vee-ah. An East Kentish term for a brick driveway or path, usually called "Block Paving"
Watch out with that paint mate! You are splashing it all over my block pavia! or Got a bloke coming round to do my drive next week, im getting some nice block pavia mate.
by The Man of Kent February 21, 2022
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Very big dick hot as fucking guy he's an awesome friend and a freak in bed. Every girl needs a david in there life
I love david pavia big dick
by Beast407 September 12, 2013
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