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The easiest person for The Daily Mail to blame for whatever is wrong with today's society.
Marilyn Manson inspired the Columbine kids to shoot up their High School.

Marilyn Manson influenced Luke Mitchell to kill Jodi Jones.
by OD Smith February 16, 2005

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1.) The Fearmonger's Bible.
2.) A paper for Middle Class, Middle Aged, Middle Englanders' wives.
3.) Where bad journalists go to get paid employment.
4.) Not a tabloid, honest.
1.) "Britain is being overrun by terrorists/asylum seekers/alcopops/video nasties/Lee Bowyer..."
2.) "My word, dear. Britain appears to be overrun by terrorists/asylum seekers/alcopops/video nasties/Lee Bowyer..."
3.) "I have no journalistic integrity whatsoever, so I'll state that Britain is being overrun by terrorists/asylum seekers/alcopops/video nasties/Lee Bowyer..."
4.) "We state the Truth, such as 'Britain is being overrun by terrorists/asylum seekers/alcopops/video nasties/Lee Bowyer...', which you won't see in The Sun."
by OD Smith April 08, 2005

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1. The man who puts the "USA" into sausage.
2. Illiterate hick.
3. Psychopath, especially when it comes to the Arab world.
4. Warmonger.
5. Tony Blair's owner.
6. The man who's sole purpose is to rip up the US Constitution for his own ends.
Afghanistan, Iraq, and whichever of Iran or Syria he fancies bombing in about July 2005. When not turning that hatred onto his own people via the Patriot Act and numerous other acts of legislation.
by OD Smith March 11, 2005

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The better looking, non-irritating and far less overexposed sister of Paris Hilton.
Actually, I find Nicky Hilton to be better looking than Paris, and not so bloody irritating.
by OD Smith February 23, 2005

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MVP of Ring of Honor for the past 18 months, mainly due to his top-notch feuds with Raven and Samoa Joe (which included two 60-minute draws), as well as his quality ringwork and promos. Also the only cool straight edger I can think of, which is all part of his gimmick.
"I am drug free, I am alcohol free, and I am better than you."
by OD Smith April 11, 2005

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So you survived you advisor treating you like an ignorant skiver, lived through Gateway to Work - hey, you even gutted out being jammed in CETS for a large chunk of the year, but don't think that's the last thing New Deal have to throw at you like a brick. No, then they stick you in SEETEC for 13 weeks, where you are stuck doing all the same exercises you did on Gateway and at CETS once more for two out of the three hours you're supposed to be there, therefore meaning you can't actually apply for a job to get the hell out of there. They don't even increase your benefits for your duration this time.
Wait, I got through all the shit off my advisor, Gateway to Work AND six months at CETS, and you're sticking me in SEETEC where all that crap I already "learned" TWICE is regurgitated once more, despite being pointless and meaningless at this point?!?
by OD Smith September 14, 2005

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Somebody asking to have their mobile wrenched from their grasp so it can be flung into a deep fat frier.
"I hear the world's most irritating ringtone, and must destroy something immediatly. Preferably the phone it's emanating from. Maybe the owner as well."
by OD Smith April 19, 2005

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