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Stupid name for a child with stupid parents. You know the kid will need counselling after the huge amount of bullying he'll receive at school - and that's before the kids remember who his parents are...
"Thank you Mummy and Daddy for not conceiving me in Scunthorpe."
by OD Smith March 31, 2005
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A condition familiar to bodybuilders and WWE employees: acne grows on their back which, coincidentally, is where they inject their steroids.
"Look at the backne on Bobby Lashley - it's like the Pyrinees!"
by OD Smith September 15, 2007
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A film, and not a particularly good one - AND THAT'S IT!

Move on with your lives, stop discussing hidden meanings, and realise you've wasted your life.
Return of the Jedi wasn't as good as the first one.

The Phantom Menace wasn't as good as the first one.

Attack of the Clones wasn't as good as the first one.

Revenge of the Sith will be great!!!
by OD Smith February 16, 2005
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A very crass attempt by journalists to rope the 7th of July bombings in London to 9/11. They had previously tried to dub the Madrid bombing 3/11, but strangely forgot to try this method for the Bali bombing. Of course, they don't realise how irresponsible this is due to the fact it will instantly create the impression Osama bin-Laden was involved so the reactionary press will bleat on about al-Que'da for days on end and get in the way of the police finding who was actually responsible (and it was neither al-Que'da or embittered members of the Paris Olympic Committee).
Journo 1: What will we call this attack on London?
Journo 2: Well, if 11th September is forever known as 9/11, why not call it 7/7?
Journo 1: Don't you think that's crass, as you can't compare the death of 3000 people with 56?
Journo 2: No, as we're responsible people and our readers have the intellect to discern the two bombings and not create a link in their heads, as we obviously won't have created it...
by OD Smith September 9, 2005
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1.) Current manger of Chelsea (at least on the date of posting).
2.) The least popular Portuguese person in human history.
3.) A bit of a paradox - he's an arrogant bastard, but he says far more intelligent and insightful comments than Alex Ferguson ever could.
1.) "Who'se that bloke in the dugout with the designer stubble and bad trenchcoat?"
2.) "Who'se that bloke instigating death threats against referee Anders Frisk, just because his team lost to Barcelona?"
3.) "Who'se that bloke who nailed it on the head by saying an interview at Porto from the Portuguese press was verbatim so nothing could be taken out of context, which triggered nervous laughter from the assembled tabloid hacks at the last press conference?"
by OD Smith March 21, 2005
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1. The man who puts the "USA" into sausage.
2. Illiterate hick.
3. Psychopath, especially when it comes to the Arab world.
4. Warmonger.
5. Tony Blair's owner.
6. The man who's sole purpose is to rip up the US Constitution for his own ends.
Afghanistan, Iraq, and whichever of Iran or Syria he fancies bombing in about July 2005. When not turning that hatred onto his own people via the Patriot Act and numerous other acts of legislation.
by OD Smith March 11, 2005
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An absolutly evil database programme, which serves no purpose other than driving you clinically insane at a remarkably quick pace.

Never used in the workplace, so it's ppointless to be taught how to use it in GCSE or A-Level IT.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!! Why won't it recognise this goddamn formula like a normal person?!?"
by OD Smith March 29, 2005
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