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A word devisted by Planet Sound head honcho John Earls, in a 2/10 review for Boy Kill Boy.
Methinks the word "twunt" is the only way you can get close to calling members of BKB a twat and a cunt without being fired...
by OD Smith December 7, 2009
1.) A target for all the idiots on Newgrounds to practise Rational American Thinking away from their homes on the NG BBS.

2.) Somebody with an opinion which is actually thought out and considered, with facts and other stuff like that behind it. No wonder Rational American Thinkers are so desperate to trash him on this site...
1.) "BeFell wanks while watching Michael Moore documentaries!!!"

2.) Search on the NG BBS and note the lack of flame wars and general bullshit.
by OD Smith March 30, 2005
Being outplayed for 95% of a football match by a far superior team, but somehow managing to stay level with them due to a five minute period of scoring a couple of goals, which usually includes a Liverpool player blatantly diving for a penalty (which nobody bats an eyelid about) and hanging on for penalties.

If it was any other team, especially against England, they'd be labelled "cynical", "negative" or old fashioned "cheating bastards", which England's moronic fans will bleat about for at least twenty years afterwards.
England vs Argentina, 1998 World Cup
Liverpool vs Milan, 2005 "Champion's" League Final
by OD Smith May 31, 2005
A condition familiar to bodybuilders and WWE employees: acne grows on their back which, coincidentally, is where they inject their steroids.
"Look at the backne on Bobby Lashley - it's like the Pyrinees!"
by OD Smith September 15, 2007
The "other" team in North London, if you consider Barnet to be a North London team.

Have a great history and a long list of great players, but are habitually undermined by bad managers, bad luck, bad chairmen, bad referees or a combination of any number of the above. Oh, alright, bad players as well.

The sort of team that has the players and infastructure to step up into the Top Six of the Premiership, but have suffered several false dawns in the past 25 years to be wary of expecting achievments of note, at least until they win two games in a row, at which point we're edging towards the UEFA Cup with no problem whatsoever, despite the fact we are one of the most inconsistent teams in the country, even when we aren't being screwed out of goals, clear-cut penalties and countless other refereeing decisions each and every seasons, which racks up to the traditional 8-12 placing. Oh alright, and managing to fit in at least three liabilities into the squad, two of which usually in defence. And having Alan Sugar not funding us for the best part of a decade, allowing both Arsenal and Chelsea to overtake us and brag about their five minutes in the sun.

Easy target for superior Arsenal and Chelsea fans and other glory seekers, and genuine bile from West Ham and Leeds (local rivals 300 miles up the M1, obviously). Still, at least Charlton like us, which is nice.
"This'll be the year we turn the corner!!!" (Every fan filled with the spirit of 1961 for the past twenty seasons).
by OD Smith March 8, 2005
Irritating sister of Daniel, and purveyor of identikit, disposable pop crap that you forget about five seconds after the song ends. Doesn't even have the saving grace of being worth a centrefold in FHM.
"These words are my own, from my heart,
I love you, I love you, I love you..."
by OD Smith March 23, 2005
MVP of Ring of Honor for the past 18 months, mainly due to his top-notch feuds with Raven and Samoa Joe (which included two 60-minute draws), as well as his quality ringwork and promos. Also the only cool straight edger I can think of, which is all part of his gimmick.
"I am drug free, I am alcohol free, and I am better than you."
by OD Smith April 11, 2005