79 definitions by OD Smith

1. A place where embittered and unhelpful wastes of time work, telling you how to get a shitty job and deny you the opportunity to work where you want. This ignores the fact that they were on a course there and had no chance of getting a job themselves, so decided to work there and generally take out their frustrations on the poor sods stuck there.

2. Home of most New Deal courses, unemployable chavs and bigots, and an overhanging sense of despair.
"For the next six months you will be placed at the nearest CETS Centre and patronised until you can't be fucked to play along, while surrounded by ignorance on a scale not seen since the last BNP conference." (paraphrased, of course)
by OD Smith March 15, 2005
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The sound of somebody asking for a slap.
I'm so clever and funny because I can regurgitate catchphrases from Little Britain!!!
by OD Smith February 23, 2005
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Isn't that the catchphrase for Harry Enflied's Scousers? More proof Little Britain is unoriginal crap, then...
Eh Eh Eh, calm down, calm down!
by OD Smith March 07, 2005
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1.) The new owner of Manchester United, which has really upset those fans that haven't started to support their local teams (i.e, Chelsea or Arsenal) at a really convenient time, yet they cannot seem to put together a rational argument about why he isn't good for the club - especially when they bleat about him turning the club into a business when he patently isn't. Martin Edwards did that a decade ago, didn't you know? Then again, MUPLC fans were bleating about Magnier and McManus a couple of years ago for similar reasons.

2.) Owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL, which means he just needs to buy an Australian Rules team to get the full set.
An American gentleman that owns 75% of all MUPLC shares. Not many other examples of that now, are there?
by OD Smith May 18, 2005
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Everything that is wrong with modern football - with their Johnny Come Lately fans (from Croydon and Essex, mostly), merchandising empire that makes them more money than on-pitch endeavours, and the greatest bunch of cynical cheating scum you could ever cast your eyes on. Also former home to David Beckham and Eric Cantona, if you needed an easy reason to hate them.

Yet they seem to have one major contradiction - they want to sign any player under the sun (not signing a player courtesy of The Sun, as they usually do), yet don't want Malcolm Glazier and his money that would help them do so.
Pedro Mendes from the halfway line.
Ruud van Nistelrooy winning (another) dubious penalty.
Roy Keane trying to end Alfie Haaland's career.
The players chasing the ref around the pitch when they don't like his decision.
Alex Ferguson pointing to his watch for (even) more stoppage time when they're losing.
Another player from a small club being "unsettled" by the sports pages in The Sun, bullying their club into selling him (ie, Dwight Yorke, Louis Saha)
by OD Smith February 18, 2005
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The easiest person for The Daily Mail to blame for whatever is wrong with today's society.
Marilyn Manson inspired the Columbine kids to shoot up their High School.

Marilyn Manson influenced Luke Mitchell to kill Jodi Jones.
by OD Smith February 16, 2005
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Irritating sister of Daniel, and purveyor of identikit, disposable pop crap that you forget about five seconds after the song ends. Doesn't even have the saving grace of being worth a centrefold in FHM.
"These words are my own, from my heart,
I love you, I love you, I love you..."
by OD Smith March 23, 2005
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