Marengo, Illinois is a small town east of Rockford. Marengo's population is comprised of old people, Mexican immigrants, loser high school kids, and the ever-present "Marengo All-Stars"-- people that grew up in Marengo, never went to college, and will die in Marengo, still pretending to be 17. Most become pregnant, drug-addicted, or alcoholic within 3 years of high school graduation, assuming they were lucky enough to graduate. Marengo's high school loses nearly every athletic event they have the misfortune of taking part in. On any given night, the town is known to have at least two keggers in someone's barn or cornfield, which will inevitably be busted by the cops around 11 pm. The average lifespan for a resident of Marengo is roughly 40-45 years, with the most common cause of death being simple stupidity.
If you're in Marengo, get out now.
by Patashnik915 May 4, 2007
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1. A word often confused with the word "mango". A Marengo is a fruit looking quite like the mango but it is found only on tropical fruit trees located in the Western Sahara. The only other differnce between marengos and mangos is that marengos are deadly posinous and if eaten, smelled, or in any way made contact with will result in testical cancer and often times immediate death.

2. a man-thong

3. the street that Ellie lives on
John ate a Marengo, thinking it was a mango and died a few short hours later and his girlfriend, Jen, had a bite of a marengo and grew testicles.
by Master Ellie January 1, 2009
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Marengo High school or MHS is an average sized school. Not only is it a high school but also inclides first grade and up. People that attend MHS will mist likely not graduate. MHS loses every athleric event, or cheats. If you are lucky enough to graduate this school, you are one of the very few to do so. This school has camera's everywhere. The kids cannot leave the classroom without adult supervision because of the crimes being commited in the hallways. All in all MHS is a place you don't wanna go to this high school.
Campus Guide: What high school did you go to?
Me: Oh, I went to Marengo High School.
Campus Guide: Bless your soul.
by BrookeG1034 February 19, 2018
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A term which originated in Sierra Leon to describe the third member. The term was carried to America in colonial times and is treat as slang in African-American communities, specifically in the South Eastern U.S.
teacher: Rodney has been sitting with his legs crossed all day.

Teacher 2: Poor Rodney, he is probably dealing with an uncontrollable marengo.

Ex: She fine and my marengo knows it
by Brendabeefsteak August 8, 2022
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