Bacon flavoured crisps popular in the UK. Formerly owned by Smiths, now by Walkers. They have a distinctive brown/pink packet with yellow writing on it. The crisps are also distinctive, looking like rashers of bacon. A rather budget packet of crisps, back in the day they only cost 10p.
Chav - "Oi! Want some Frazzles?"
by Nimbuspony March 31, 2008
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One of the products of the comedic genius of Andy Sanberg, Akiva, and Jorma, of Saturday Night Life. These are the power trio responsible for Lazy Sunday, also known as the Chronic-what-cles of Narnia. Frazzles is old-school animation from the days before they were discovered.
"Hey ya'll, Frazzles here. Tonight's episode of the 'Bu will not be seen. Please accept this apology video in its place. See ya'll after the show....HOOOOOOBASTANK!"
by Brizzles April 21, 2006
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To be feeling a bit brain-fried; lost and confused; not functioning properly; slightly stressed; all over the place.
"Sorry, I'm feeling rather frazzled at the moment!"
by Jess Hansen April 21, 2005
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The hair that sticks out of a females bikni bottom after a botched shaving or waxing.
Dude that girl is hot from the back but she turned around and I couldn't stop looking at her frazzle.
by kaleidoclops May 18, 2010
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term used to describe a state of shock, surprise, business, or being overwhelmed
I just found out that my ex is dating Jen. Now I'm all frazzled.
Katie was frazzled when she saw her history grade.
by Brittany and Haley October 24, 2005
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When someone has cooked bacon on their boobs and sprinkle frazzle dust on top
I cant wait to do some frazzling later

She certainly knows how to do her frazzling
by Pop Dot March 23, 2021
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