To be feeling a bit brain-fried; lost and confused; not functioning properly; slightly stressed; all over the place.
"Sorry, I'm feeling rather frazzled at the moment!"
by Jess Hansen April 21, 2005
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Being drained of energy physically and emotionally.
All that hard work frazzled me.
by Toa Pohatu April 7, 2017
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term used to describe a state of shock, surprise, business, or being overwhelmed
I just found out that my ex is dating Jen. Now I'm all frazzled.
Katie was frazzled when she saw her history grade.
by Brittany and Haley October 25, 2005
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when you are extremely high, stoned, ripped
guys i am soooooooooooo frazzled
by guyanese sweetie June 19, 2007
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How you should feel is someone posts a "Pool's Closed" sign onto your community pool gate.
I was frazzled! They're messing with the wrong grandma!
by pjds88 February 14, 2009
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Bacon flavoured crisps popular in the UK. Formerly owned by Smiths, now by Walkers. They have a distinctive brown/pink packet with yellow writing on it. The crisps are also distinctive, looking like rashers of bacon. A rather budget packet of crisps, back in the day they only cost 10p.
Chav - "Oi! Want some Frazzles?"
by Nimbuspony March 31, 2008
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