My sister doesn't do hard work at work. She just sits in her office all day and pretends to do work.
by Ereck Flowers June 29, 2016
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A societal pressure that causes people to work 12+ meaningless hours everyday without making any meaningful contributions. What people really need to start doing is working smarter and not harder. Working smarter is being able to get more work done in less amount of time. It allows people to gain extraordinary talents that the hardest working man will never achieve.
*example of hard work*
Office Worker: I went to college for 8 years and became an employee for a tech company. I worked hard for this position. However, my boss never went to college, but after 2 years of building his business, he earns over 5 times the amount I earn annually.

There's a reason why the office worker isn't in the position his boss is and that's because his boss was used his time to work smart and knew he didn't need to go to college in order to succeed in life.
by Dubiks December 1, 2018
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1) description of a task that requeires (too) much effort to complete.

2) description of a customer who breaks your balls making you do whatever they want and still leaving unsatisfied.

" I was shagging that bird over from Hull last night, and it was only when i looked at her face i realised it was too much hard work. "


" Jesus, he was hard work. Comes in here, asks for a pizza, with a pasta bake for a topping and a tiramusu for a side. And this is a Fish & Chip shop! Twat.
by Jeffrey Douglas January 24, 2007
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Something people try to avoid nowadays.
Running a small business takes a tonne of commitment and hard work.
by WHISKEYMAN1234 January 25, 2018
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Giving up a chance to meet Shawn Johnson to go into work because your boss gave someone else the day off.
"Dude, are you going to see Shawn Johnson tonight?"

"Nah, I'm a pretty hard-working guy. I guess..."
by MrDude65 February 15, 2013
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Hard work is like fucking Harvey Weinstein. Some people are willing to do it consensually but it's objectively gross and unpleasant. You can't say "no" to it and you kind of have to do it to make it anywhere in life. The results of doing it will undoubtedly vary because even after doing it the outcome is still dependant on the whim of a hairy bald faggot.
Hym "Hard work is like fucking Harvey Weinstein..."

Idiot "But you could do it if you really committed to it. There's no excuse. You don't have a better option. Just quit complaining and take that fat hairy bald faggot cock. If you're not willing to do it then you are where you deserve to be in life."

Hym "But not all of the people who do it reap the benefits of doing it and if I found a work-around you would try to stop me."

Idiot "Well, yeah, but you said a thing i dont like. I will kill you motherfucker."

Hym "Do... Do you see how you're not the good guy here right?"
by Hym Iam August 2, 2022
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White Man 1: I saw a hard working nigger yesterday.

White Man 2: No way!
by ticl August 19, 2008
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