Exhausted, done
Can be in a physical or emotional way
Man, having to get up super early and waste 8 hours of my life at school everyday has me drained!
by babyigotme April 5, 2017
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Having spent one's load of sperm in an orgasm.
"Yo, when I was done 'dat bitch left me drained."
by x January 22, 2003
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After a guy has an orgasm and he shoots out so much semen, it's almost as if there's no more left in his tank and he needs to restock. The reason for cumming so much is probably due to the fact that the guy was saving his load and got a real good hand/blow job.
After I had saved my cum for 2 weeks by not masturbating, I went over to her house, and I wasn't expecting what she was about to do. She went into my pants, pulled out my dick and started squeezing it and tugging it so hard, and it felt soooooo good since I haven't wanked it in so long, then when I cummed, I had so much stocked up, it completely covered her hand and I was left drained.
by Ballantine March 28, 2007
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*a guy playing Grand Theft Auto 4, and after brutally murdering someone*

"DRAINED!" or "man, I just drained him"


*a guy playing Call Of Duty online, after sniping a noob*
by amazing0187 November 17, 2009
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Drained: /jer-AY-n-d/ Verb/Interjection
Refers to an embarrasing situation one is faced with. Usually correlates with a feeling of being told off badly; essentially the person
"She thought she was very smart until she got drained by her co-worker, who made her realize otherwise."

"Drained," thought Mike. He thought Sally wanted to go on a date with him. Boy was he wrong!
by Maryam Yazdi January 17, 2007
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Refers to Drain Gang, a music collective from Stockholm. Members include Bladee, Thaiboy Digital, Ecco2K, Whitearmour and Yung Sherman. Drain only refers to music and art created by Drain Gang, and not the wider underground scene.
by thaiboy spoon November 26, 2020
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