The fact of gaining feminine features. The phenomenon manifests itself at the individual level, and at the historical level as well. At the individual level it turns a man to a shemale or a ladyboy and he ends up gay or not (he can also remain hetero and be attracted to he-females, or be bi). At the historical level it has to do with the emergence of feminine priorities in the world, and with the global increase of the ordinary (rather than political) power of women.
That fetish studio practices intense feminization.

The global rejection of war has to do with the irreversible feminization of our frames of mind.
by Ysengrim January 1, 2004
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A plastic, lidded plastic urinal jug specifically designed for women.
{Jackie}: Hey Doral, can you please pass me the Feminator under your car seat, I really have to go!
{Doral}: Sure Jackie, but it kinda reeks because somebody forgot to douche off the asinine thing from our last road trip.
{Jackie}: That's alright -- just pass me the fucking thing before I piss my panties!
by Telephony June 24, 2014
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Feminism is a word that means equal rights for women. Technically, most feminists should actually be called humanists. I'll ignore that since it was, and to some extent still is an important movement. Way back in the day, life was pretty damn bad for women everywhere. No vote, no driving, you know about that stuff anyway. Eventually, much of the inequality dissappeared, thanks to the hard wark of early feminism. Sadly some still persist to this day. Fortunately, most people accept that such social changes are bound to be gradual, and eventually, true equality will exist. This is the type of world that everyone should strive to live in, not just feminists. But alas, in more recent times, there has been a growing movement of "militant feminism". This is alternatively known as female chauvenism, and feminazism. These people often demand MORE rights than men have, usually by arguing that they are superior to men and blame men for everything. Yes men started wars. Are you saying that women wouldn't have? Hilary Clinton supported the Iraq war. Margeret Thatcher sent troops to the Falklands. To propagate such a view on men is a sexist view you chauvenist pig-bitch. Such a view is not part of feminism, or at least it's original usage of the word. These people are betraying the women who fought for their rights. Possibly the worst part about them is that they are either the prevalent female authors and commenters for feminism on urban dictionary, or that these women are denying the existence female sexism that has taken seed among the femism movement. I've talked to these people. In real life. Not on the net. They DO exist.
Feminist of the militant variety(Yes, she actually said this):"It's not fair to generalise women, men allways do that" and "men shouldn't have any say in abortion"

Me:"I'd say TITS OR GTFO, but you're pretty damn fuck-fugly)

Feminism gets a bad name because of these asshats
by N00bKannon June 14, 2008
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Made to appear or act as a female.
When he insisted on wearing his hair in a ponytail, his wife feminized him by giving him a frilly apron and making him serve as her kitchen maid.
by Garielle June 29, 2006
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Having female characteristics (something lacking in many crossfit women).
Dude, that guy has more Feminality than most of the girls doing this WOD.
by Little Red Riding Ricky February 1, 2015
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A feminator is a slang term for a radical feminist either male or female who pushes their ideas on to men for the simple reason that they think all men are Misogynistic Assholes just because they are men and will take everything you say out of context and throw it back at you while trying to make you feel bad about what you did.
That woman took what i said about clothing and turned it into saying something about womens breasts not being good enough she must be a Feminator.
by Mavronumon February 12, 2012
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An idea that stood for the equality of women and men once (about 30 years ago)but is now just about kicking men in the balls and treating them with extreme bias and unfairness.
"Dude how's your new job at the gas station?"

"It's great. I sure wish feminism hadn't frightened me away from college though."
by jethro March 8, 2006
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