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Take your regular feminist: take away the idea of equality, take away all trace of rationality, add hate for everything fun/male, boost it with the unlimited ignorance of the special snowflake community of Tumblr

Tadaaa! You've got a feminazist!
Now take your feminazist and add about 5,000 more of them. Now they all share the same ignorant ideology and then we can add "ism" to feminazi

Taadaaaa! Now we got feminazism
Brandon: Holy fuck!
Ben: What?
Brandon: Nearly got shived by some feminazist for saying the Sara were extra good looking today!
Ben: Dude, thats fucked up, feminazism should be stopped
by Niggercripple June 28, 2014
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The practice of sexism, extremism, terrorism, misandry, racism, heterophobism and/or oppression hidden by a claim to be practicing feminism. Often found to be scapegoating heterosexual men for all societal and cultural problems. The term was coined sometime during the on-going current third wave feminist movement.
Feminazi- Noun
"That male hating woman was a feminazi."

"Saying that women shouldn't have to learn self-defense and that men should stop raping is feminazism, because men and women both commit rapes and men get raped too by males and females."
by ThePPPfromTumblr July 10, 2014
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Feminazism is to hide your hate against men and your superiority/inferiority complex as a woman behind a false pretense of feminism.

Whereas feminism supports Gender Equality (no, feminism isn't specifically about women), feminazism focuses on women so much that it becomes pure sexism.

Common beliefs of feminazism are the following:
> Men are depicted as the solitary problem in every woman's life. A world with no men would be paradise, and this world is hell, because men exist.
> The only valid opinion that can be had on the subject (by both men and women) is that men are inferior.
> If a woman uses violence on a man, it is probably justified. If a man uses violence on a woman, he's a misogynistic pig no matter the circumstances.
> "A man cannot get raped by a woman. If they do, the man probably wanted it so it's not really rape."
> A very common test to see if someone is a feminist or a feminazi, is to actually bring up the problems men have to face in their lives. A true feminist will acknowledge that men also have problems, and politely discuss it. Feminazis have a peculiar martyr syndrome- they WILL say "BUT WOMEN HAVE IT WORSE".
> For the above reason, they CANNOT accept that men ALSO have to face their own, less severe (but valid nonetheless) problems. They will ALWAYS turn the subject back to female oppression.

Feminazism is also used as a slur by misogynists to invalidate feminism.
Ares: "...and when I was ten, I fell from my bike once, and started crying. My aunt glared at me and told me 'you're a man, men don't cry. Now get up'. Didn't even give me a hand"
Anna: "Wow, that sounds like a terrible way to treat a little boy. So harsh."
Ares: "Yeah, I know. It's good to build resistance to pain, alright, especially for a boy, but we are often treated that way and it's not nice. Can be traumatic."
Anna: "Oh, that's sad to hear. Did you get hurt, back then, or-"
Eva: "Umm aaactually, that's nothing compared to what girls have to go through, we have periods and we have to wear heels and we are always told mean things, much more mean than that, and when we give birth we experience so much pain that men wouldn't even-"
Anna: "That is completely irrelevant..."
Eva: "I'm so disappointed from you, you're a woman, don't you support your own gender!? I'm sick of boys acting all like they have it SOOO hard while we girls have to go through all that, they shouldn't dare to speak about it!"
Anna: "But he wasn't-"
Ares: "Give it up, feminazism overloadi. Let's go."
by N0rth Wind June 02, 2015
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