{From a flashlight reviews website}: ...or if it falls next to the mailbox and the dog pisses on it, just take the garden hose to it or douche it off under the faucet...good as new!

Helen: Please be certain to douche off those dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.

Norm: Yesh, I douched out that cooler with the hose, so it shouldn't stink at all any more.
by Telephony December 6, 2011
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When two individuals engage one another in a battle of the will, as to which person will be most polite and allow the other to enter first. Typically occurs at building doors and elevator doors, most often between complete strangers. Several studderings of the foot and mouth will procede engagement.
Ryan was engaged in a standard douche off with a complete stranger yesterday when he tried to exit the elevator.
by King Kohan October 13, 2009
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A competition amongst douche bags to determine who is the biggest douche. Typically performed by those who would give others a rash of douche bump.
Here comes Billy and Daniel for the annual douche-off. I wonder who will win it this year. Will Billy retain his title as douche-off champion?
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Its a Competition too see who can come up with the dirtiest nastiest insults usually involving fat people, sex positions, body fluids, etc.
(Examples taken directly from Me and a friends actual douche-off)

Zack- "your a fat old ladies first husbands penis that has been stuck in her fat sweaty overlapping vagina lips"

Robert- "your her butterscotch pussy juice"

Zack- "well your the nasty green splooge that got caught between fionnas big giant hairy ass cheeks from shreks crimpled dick!"

Robert- " your the nasty condom that natasha and boris used to make sweet love while watching baby loony tunes"

Zack- "are those characters from james bond?"

Robert- "nope rockie and bullwinkle"

Zack- "Touch'e"

All Quotes From A douche off held on June 20 2006 by Zack Herrell and Robert Gorby
by Zack Herrell September 6, 2007
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An combination of the words Douche-bag and Jerk-off
Brian Antczak, "Quit being such a Douche Off... Did i just say 'Douche Off?'"
by Curdo Cat-God Howard January 10, 2008
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A contest resulting in a vote as to which douche-bag is acting in excess of the other at any given time!! Can be determined by who uses more cliches, looks more ridiculously metro, acts falsely positive in situations where it is uncalled for, or just lies a lot when unnecessary, etc.
guy 1: who do you think is a bigger douche, NM or GE?
guy 2: how would one determine that?
guy 1: we would have to hold a douche-bag-off I suspect.
guy 2: what aspects are we judging this time?
guy 1: today we will go with overall lifestyle douchbaggedness!!
by stuck in the middle February 11, 2008
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Cop: Hey do you mind if we search your house for evidence???

Gacy: You got a warrant???

Cop: .............

Gacy: Fuck Off Douche Bag!!!!!!!
by Lord Eric The 1st February 7, 2011
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