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Boys or men are petticoated or forced to wear hair bows, panties, petticoats, or other frilly or sissy clothing as a disciplinary measure.
When he continued flipping up girls' skirts at school in spite of being disciplined by the principal, it was recommended he be petticoated at home until he learned to behave.
by Garielle June 29, 2006
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Can be loving but hating at the same time
by Garielle April 20, 2022
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A boy or man who is willing to or enjoys dressing as a maid and doing housework or menial chores.
He lost his job and eventually became his wife's sissymaid.
by Garielle June 29, 2006
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A sissified boy or man willing to work as a kitchen maid, laundry mail, scullery maid, woman's maid or housemaid. Often submissive in nature, a sissy maid may easily be convinced to wear a dress or maid's uniform in which to perform "her" sissy duties.
When she discovered how subservient he was, she gave him a long list of daily, weekly and monthly chores to perform. He became her sissy maid, and she rewarded his slavish devotion. She allowed him to slowly earn a proper maid's outfit complete with frilly underthings and a pretty pinafore apron in which to experience the drudgery of never-ending housework.
by Garielle July 9, 2006
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A male trained to perform housekeeping and other duties of a maid. Often submissive in nature, the male maid is sometimes willing to be attired in traditional (female) maid's clothing.
His fantasy was to become the feminized male maid of a rich and powerful woman.
by Garielle June 29, 2006
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Made to appear or act as a female.
When he insisted on wearing his hair in a ponytail, his wife feminized him by giving him a frilly apron and making him serve as her kitchen maid.
by Garielle June 29, 2006
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