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A plastic, lidded plastic urinal jug specifically designed for women.
{Jackie}: Hey Doral, can you please pass me the Feminator under your car seat, I really have to go!
{Doral}: Sure Jackie, but it kinda reeks because somebody forgot to douche off the asinine thing from our last road trip.
{Jackie}: That's alright -- just pass me the fucking thing before I piss my panties!
by Telephony June 24, 2014
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A feminator is a slang term for a radical feminist either male or female who pushes their ideas on to men for the simple reason that they think all men are Misogynistic Assholes just because they are men and will take everything you say out of context and throw it back at you while trying to make you feel bad about what you did.
That woman took what i said about clothing and turned it into saying something about womens breasts not being good enough she must be a Feminator.
by Mavronumon February 11, 2012
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