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In Kpop, the member of an idol group that is your favorite. A person may have one ultimate bias, and many other biases from other idol groups, or only have one ultimate bias. This term is derived from "having a bias towards a particular person."
G-Dragon is my ultimate bias, but Key is my SHINee bias.
by hapamyheart October 23, 2011
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Something everyone including me has. It can't be stopped , but practice makes it less.

there is covert and overt. Overt bias is obvious unabashed bias. Covert is underlying, subtle. It's very often an automatic reaction. Something so unconscious you don't even realize it.
by GayerthanyouHA! February 22, 2019
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To lean towards something because you don't like something else, or you like something more than something else. Goes hand in hand with discrimination and prejudice.
Susan was biased when she was on the dating show. Contestant one was a telephone sanitizer and contestant two was a millionaire. She wanted the one with more money, even though the telephone sanitizer was a really sweet guy.
by Grrl Genius April 18, 2004
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opinions, feelings, etc. (often preconceived) towards a person, place or thing with and/or without prior emperical knowledge, i.e. something that we all have, regardless of perception. See also ignorance.
Bias is a result of self-formulated opinions regardless of experience with any given situation or lack thereof.
by Angr-E September 11, 2006
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Someone who alredey has their mind made up and preset towards a one sided view of a situation
99.9% of UD editors are bias
by Loganisdbomb July 16, 2006
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