a male/dickhead who has been dumped who poses so small amount of assets alone that they can fit into a small package and be thrown out a window. Origins rooted in the divorce of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline (often referred to by his wigger name, K-fed)
Man 1: Dude I saw this bum in Malibu carrying a little cardboard box, and talkin like a wigger
Man 2: Yeah, man, me too. I think it was a fed-ex
Man 1: No, but this dude crazy, he was actin all ghetto and shit, but he made no sense. then he stood on the corner and started rappin bout some popozow shit-it made no sense
man 2: No shit, thats wat a fucking fed-ex does, he feeds off of rich people, and pretends he has talent while hoping nobody notices he doesn't
by sexycatholic 666 November 29, 2006
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1. Roger Federer's nickname. Given to him because he delivers.

2. To use in a manner similar to "Federered".
Did you see FedEx's last match vs. Lleyton Hewitt?? Hewitt got Fedex'd!!!
by FraNkcn July 13, 2008
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Mr Spears now that Britany Spears is divorcing his white trash ass.
Valentina: did you hear?!
me: about Dakota kicking Rockford's ass?! HELL YEAH! i was there!! cant WAIT to be there next year!!
Valentina: no. about K-Fed...or should i say FED-EX
me: yupp. Mr Spears is getting divorced AND his ass is getting kciked by John Cena on the first day of the new year!!
by dakota cougarette November 28, 2006
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People that deliver your stuff, if it gets lost during shipping, it's becuase the person delivering it has stolen it.
My pet Rabbit never came.
by Cloud July 20, 2004
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