Kevin Federline's new nickname, after Britney Spears dumped his ass.
by Adrian November 10, 2006
Name given to Kevin Federline now that Britney dumped him.
Fed Ex is one poor piece of white trash.
by allpowerfulandy November 10, 2006
FED = Kevin Federline
EX = As in no longer freeloading from Britney.

Some say Kelly Ripa made up this term after it was suggested by a crew member of her show. They are all lies I came up with it like 4 months ago, I knew he was gonna get the boot.
1.- Hi, my name is Fed Ex welcome to McDonalds may I take your order?

2.- Fed Ex will be working at Fedex soon to pay his bills.

3.- Fed Ex finally understood the meaning of life and ended his.
by Bryan Smart November 16, 2006
The new nick name for Kevin Federline, after Britney Spears dumped his ass
Hey Fed Ex, what's new?
by DizzyLizzy November 17, 2006
A shipping service, just like USPS or UPS.
Did you take those packages to Fed Ex to be sent yet?
by Dan Barnett November 18, 2006
A slang word used in arizona to describe someone with a fat butt or getting taken in the butt
Zack: Girl you got a Fed Ex
by Jordan petty February 6, 2008
Kevin Fedderlines New Nickname Since Birntey Spears Divorced Him In 11/06
"A Good 6 Monthes Before K-Fed And Britney Broke Up, I Heard Jimmy Kimmle Come Up With The Catchy Nickname Fed Ex."
by Crizzy-G November 16, 2006