She is hot asf u can always trust her with anything she is amazing and I love her so much Bc she’s the best
Man1:Damn u see that girl over there
Man2: Yea she cute her name is Britney

Man1: I wished I had her
by Jeremiah Acosta July 12, 2018
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noun. Short for the most caring, loving, sexy, interesting, funny, dorky, sincere, thoughtful, loyal, crazy, silly, outgoing, intelligent girl on the planet.
She's Such A Britney.
by xxxxxxx1234xxxxxxxxxxx September 25, 2011
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Britney is an amazing person inside and out. She was sent to this earth to save lives and she has saved mine. I love this girl with all my heart. She is like a sister to me. She is a very happy person on the outside but on the inside she is deep and hidden. The only people she opens up to are those she trusts and even then they don't know everything about her. Britney can sing, act, play gutair, and do an amazing glitter eye. She loves rock music and one of the most random people you will ever meet. She is very smart and helpful when you "forget" to do your homework. She changed me for the better because not only do I have someone I can trust, but so does she.
Britney: I'm always here for you when ever you need me.
Lauren: I know you are and I am here for you.
by RockWillLiveOn July 7, 2011
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Shy, but funny when you get to know her. Won't be outgoing unless you push her to do her best. Hot - tempered, but won't fight back unless provoked. Never underestimate her. Loyal to friends and family. May not be the prettiest person, but she has a great heart.
Girl: Britney is so nice!
by musical_briii December 6, 2013
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A Britney is a person who is nice,caring,funny,awesome and will always care for you and make sure you are okay
by Lol216636 November 23, 2019
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A Britney is vivacious, hilarious and self assured. She probably had an opportunity to travel as a child, and will need to continue to do so throughout her life. She's a woman who needs challenge and intellectual stimulation in all parts of her life.
Britney's are often highly successful at what they set out to do simply because they are so positive they will succeed. Since they also rule international communication, they are either known worldwide or deal with matters of global importance.
Britney can be overly sensitive, and when criticized, tend to disagree. Britney often has no idea of how her words effect others. Her man should also be sure to allow her a sense of freedom which is highly important to her.
by that.kidd March 30, 2012
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A girl that will always be there when you need her.An amazing friend and always smiling. She is a lover not fighter and tends to be shy around the guy she likes. Loves to have fun and be the Life of the party
is Britney here yet?this party sucks
by smily face kiddo June 26, 2009
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