Arizona - It's the devil's playground

The devil wanted a place on earth, sort of a summer home, a place to spend his vacation, whenever he wanted to roam.
So he picked out Arizona, a place both wretched and rough, where the climate was to his liking, and the cowboys hardened and tough.
He dried up the lakes in the valley, then burned and scorched it all, He dried up the streams in the canyons, and ordered no rain to fall.
Then over this barren desert, he transplanted shrubs from Hell, the cactus thistle and prickly pear, the climate suited them well.
Now the home was much to his liking, but animal life he had none, so he created crawling creatures, that all mankind would shun.
First he made the rattlesnake, with its forked poisonous tongue, taught it to strike and rattle, and how to shallow its young.
Then he made scorpions and lizards, and the ugly old horned toad, he placed spiders of every description, under the rocks by the side of the road.
Then he ordered the sun to shine hotter, hotter and hotter still, until even the cactus wilted, and the old horned toads looked ill.
Then he gazed on his earthly kingdom, as any creator would, he chuckled a little, rolled up his sleeves, and admitted it was good.
T'was summer now and Satan, lay by a prickly pear to rest, the sweat rolled off his sweaty brow, so he took off his coat and vest.
"By golly", he finally panted, "I did my job to well, I'm going back to where I came from, Arizona is hotter than hell!"

It doesn't get any better than Arizona :).
by A. McRae June 22, 2006
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The best place in the US! It has the best scenery, the best weather and by far the hottest women. Way better then ohio.
What else can I say?
by mikethefish May 22, 2005
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The best 24 oz. drink you can get for 99 cents. They come in kiwi strawberry, mucho mango, watermwlon, unsweetened tea, fruit punch, rasberry, and sweetened tea. i think thats it. well all that comes in a can anyway.
I usually drink the iced tea with the sugar.
by The NAD May 25, 2005
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1.)an otherwise uninhabital state if it weren't for the invention of the air conditioner

2.)We're california's unwillingly go to die

3.)sand trap where immigrants and people in general get lost in search of california
1.)my AC broke ahhh! *Catches on fire*

2.)what! this isn't the way to vegas *catches on fire*

2.)this isn't california *catches on fire*
by blah November 14, 2004
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its hot as hell in arizona! most of the state is desert, but northern arizona has the rockies and its fucking beautiful near flagstaff; phoenix and tuscon are 2 megaplex cities w/ most of the population; 'zona is famous for hot weather, drugs, and mexican migrants
its so fucking hot in arizona!
by StatesDude April 4, 2004
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Damn..arizona is a bomb-ass driink.
by ocheee May 15, 2007
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The sweetest state in the nation. Known for great pizza, Camelback road, and awesome single sex schools. Phoenix is the heart of the southwest. People from Arizona tend to be MAD HOT.
Man, that girl is smockinnnnng, she must be from Arizona.
by takemedowntoarizona April 8, 2006
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