The month may with the letter I in it what did you expect?
by NOOOOO! November 4, 2020
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Amazing metal core band from Troy Ohio. In December 6, 2008 they signed to Rise Records. You cannot stop moshing them once the music is started. Miss May I has some of the best breakdowns ever played.
omg sick breakdown im gonna go punch people. Thank you Miss May I
by Towel bot August 16, 2010
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To see a female that make u fell like you just fell In love.
Le mom: uhhhhh.. Sure.
by D-swag-daddy June 17, 2013
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The worst question any employee can be asked.

This question means that the employee has a Karen on their hands and they will probably get punished because ‘The customer is always right

Karen: *gets 2 packets of ketchup in McDonalds
Karen: *yells at employee because the table beside her got 3 ketchup packets*
Karen’s thoughts: Ima end this man’s whole career
May I speak to the manager?
by KeeneyBoiiiii April 25, 2020
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When some random nigga starts to dance infront of ur car.
Random Nigga: May i praise the lord?
Me: Yea why not.
Random Nigga: *Starts to dance*
Me: ah shit, here we go again.
by Bagplays July 7, 2019
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Peter: Hey Jowie may I push in your stool
Jowie: Only if i can oush your in as well
Peter:I am a top bitch
by GayBar July 27, 2003
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As one of the greatest philosophers of this generation, Patrick Star, uttered yet another magnificent phrase of wisdom. Growing up in a poor family, Mr. Star was forced to take on many low income jobs, where he must take hats in a dignified and sophisticated manner. The hat in this famous spoken poetry that Mr. Star would take from these men, actually was a symbol that he used to represent the struggle of diligent working men with large families and low income. Mr. Star is currently running for president in the United States presidential election 2016.
"You mean like a weenie? Ok! May I take your hat sir? May I take your HAT, sir? May I tak-"
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