FedEx used as a verb means to dry fuck someone up the ass; hopefully without them noticing.

If however the person does notice, you must reply: "It is a good thing"
by Dave April 19, 2005
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Largest worldwide freight service. Operates an airborne fleet of 727s, DC-10s, MD-11s, A300s, A310s, and Cessna C210s.
by yo mama July 20, 2003
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a shitty service, if they see that you have a nice thing inside a package such as a cool $500 cell phone, they just take it and say it was lost during shipping...
Hey did you hear that fedex liked bob's dildo that he bought from a website, so they took it and claimed it was lost during shipping?
by Levon5100 January 06, 2004
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K Feds current label. The only person probably in the entire world who didn't see this coming was him.
FedEx has been moping and lying since the divorce, NOT like before the divorce
by SOLofSLC November 14, 2006
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where a lot of hot sexy young guys work at.
yo i love those fine ass fedex guys.
by jackson, j May 02, 2006
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When you put your package on an unsuspecting victim's shoulder.

A variation of tea bagging, but the perpetrator keeps his nutsack inside of his clothes.

"I Fed-ex-ed the shit outta Ray Ray's ho while she was passed on on the toilet last night!"
by Myjohnsonsmagic December 10, 2008
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