Couldn't close any girls on saturday night so had to call up sarah (ex-girlfriend) for some fed-ex.
by Protokol January 03, 2011
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A slang word used in arizona to describe someone with a fat butt or getting taken in the butt
Zack: Girl you got a Fed Ex
by Jordan petty February 06, 2008
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A shipping service, just like USPS or UPS.
Did you take those packages to Fed Ex to be sent yet?
by Dan Barnett November 18, 2006
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A company that exploits their workers; especially in the software development arena.

Their wages for skilled developers and technicians are relative to the wages paid by most cities for sanitation engineers.

Their Motto:
OPERATE independently
COMPETE collectively
PAY inadequately
You work for fedex as a software developer and STILL qualify for food stamps??? No Shit!!!
by Dave April 19, 2005
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Kevin Fedderlines New Nickname Since Birntey Spears Divorced Him In 11/06
"A Good 6 Monthes Before K-Fed And Britney Broke Up, I Heard Jimmy Kimmle Come Up With The Catchy Nickname Fed Ex."
by Crizzy-G November 16, 2006
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A style of sexual intercourse during which the guy bangs the girl at an accelerated pace, with more emphasis on speed than quality.
by plowerranger November 15, 2009
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